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Bioss 10th Anniversary Promotion

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Bioss COVID-19 Products

The ultimate goal of Bioss is to improve the health and quality of life of humans and animals. To fight against COVID-19, Bioss has developed antibodies, proteins, and the ELISA kit in support of  studies on the novel coronavirus. 

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Bioss Pathway Maps

Diving into a new project? Get up to speed quickly with these cellular and molecular pathway maps. Each one is expertly researched and hand-drawn by our scientific team. Autophagy, Tumor Immunology, MAPK, WNT Signaling, and many others are available to download, print, and share at your convenience. 

About Us

Bioss Inc is a leading antibody developer and manufacturer with state of the art technologies. We have developed over 11,000 primary antibodies and more than 130,000 derived products including fluorochrome conjugated antibodies. In addition to reliable loading control and tag antibodies, our catalog includes over 1000 specific antibodies recognizing proteins with phosphorylation, acetylation, or methylation modifications.