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    The Bioss ordering team is here to help you with your purchase.Check out these common questions below more information! 

    Question How do I reconstitute my antibody?
    Answer If you received the antibody in liquid form, it is ready to use; no reconstitution needed. Reconstitution is only required for a lyophilized antibody. Please refer to the reconstitution instructions on the data sheet included in the package.

    Question Where do I store my antibody?
    Answer You should store unconjugated antibodies at -20C. All conjugated antibodies should be stored at 4C.

    Question Should I make aliquots of my antibody?
    Answer Yes, we strongly recommend making aliquots once the antibody is reconstituted in order to avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

    Question Do you have any more images/tests not provided on the website?
    Answer Yes, contact our support team to inquire about additional images you may need: support@biossusa.com

    Question Do you provide commercial buffers to customers?
    Answer Unfortunately, we currently do not have buffers in our catalog.

    Question What is the antibody made in?
    Answer Every Bioss antibody is made with BSA, sodium azide, and PBS.

    Question Can these antibodies be made without preservatives?
    Answer Yes! Please send us an email and our support team will respond within 1 business day to let you know if the antibody you are interested is available without preservatives: support@biossusa.com

    Question How do you choose an isotype control?
    Answer 2 simple steps: Match the IgG and Conjugation. For example, If you are using IgG1 PE antibody, find an IgG1 and PE conjugated isotype control.

    Question Do you offer the antigen or blocking peptide?
    Answer At this time, Bioss does not offer blocking peptides. If you need detailed immunogen information contact our support team: support@biossusa.com

    Question Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?
    Answer Yes, we do! We offer a discount on a case by case basis. Please email our support team to inquire about bulk orders: support@biossusa.com

    Question What is the isotype of this antibody?
    Answer We currently offer various isotypes. Please check the datasheet for more information.

    Question After reconstitution in 100ul, the concentration is 1 ug/ul. Is this the total protein concentration or the concentration of the IgG?
    Answer The concentration of IgG.

    Question The antibody didn't work. How do I get refund for my product?
    Answer We want to ensure every customer is satisfied with the products we sell. Please email our customer service team at support@biossusa.com with the following information in order for us to best understand the reason for your request:
    1. Upload an image of a result that shows error.
    2. Copy and paste the experimental protocol used
    3. Explain how our technical support team tried to help.
    Once Bioss receives your email, we will contact you about your request for an exchange or refund.