Human IgG ELISA Kit

Principle of the Assay

This assay employs the quantitative sandwich enzyme immunoassay technique. A monoclonal antibody specific for IgG has been pre-coated onto a microplate. Standard, control, or sample and the working solution of Biotin-Conjugate are pipetted into the wells. Following incubation and wash steps, any IgG present is bound by the immobilized antibody and the detection antibody specific for IgG is binds to the combination of capture antibody-IgG in sample. Following a wash to remove any unbound combination, and enzyme conjugate is added to the wells. Following incubation and wash steps a substrate is added. A coloured product is formed in proportion to the amount of IgG present in the sample. The reaction is terminated by addition of acid and absorbance is measured at 450nm. A standard curve is prepared from seven IgG standard dilutions and IgG sample concentration determined.

For Use with serum, plasma and cell culture supernatants. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures .

Target Information

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is a type of antibody. Representing approximately 75% of serum antibodies in humans, IgG is the most common type of antibody found in blood circulation. IgG molecules are created and released by plasma B cells. Each IgG has two antigen binding sites. IgG are involved in the regulation of allergic reactions. According to Finkelman, there are two pathways of systemic anaphylaxis: antigens can cause systemic anaphylaxis in mice through classic pathway by cross-linking IgE bound to the mast cell receptor FcεRI, stimulating the release of both histamine and platelet activating factor (PAF). In the alternative pathway antigens form complexes with IgG, which then cross-link macrophage receptor FcγRIII and stimulates only PAF release. Human IgG is the major immunoglobulin in blood and plays a key role in the humoral immune response.

Materials Supplied

Kit Components 96 Wells Quantity/Size
Aluminium pouches with a Microwell Plate coated with antibody to human IgG-HRP (812) 1 plate
Human IgG standard lyophilized, 50000 pg/ml upon reconstitution 2 vials
Antibody to human IgG-HRP solution 2 vials
Standard /sample Diluent 4 bottles
Antibody to human IgG-HRP Diluent 1 bottle
Wash Buffer Concentrate 20x (PBS with 1% Tween-20) 1 bottle
Substrate Solution 1 vial
Stop Solution 1 vial
Adhesive Films 4 pieces
Product data sheet 1 copy


Storage Store at 2 - 8°C

Performance Characteristics

REPEATABILITY The coefficient of variation of both intra-assay and inter-assay were less than 10%.
SENSITIVITY The minimum detectable dose was 390pg/mL.
ASSAY RANGE 780 - 50000 pg/mL
SPECIFICITY This assay recognizes both natural and recombinant human IgG.


Data Analysis Assistance

We have partnered with MyAssays to offer you an easy to use and versatile tool to analyze the data you receive using our ELISA Kit. Click the link below to be directed to the data analysis tool provided by MyAssays specifically for BSKH1063.