March 2019
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Article title: Activation of Melatonin Receptor 2 But Not Melatonin Receptor 1 Mediates Melatonin‐conferred Cardio‐protection Against Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury.
Journal information: Send to
J Pineal Res
First author: Han D
Product Used: anti-MT1, bs-0027R
Article title: Nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dots (N-GQDs) perturb redox-sensitive system via the selective inhibition of antioxidant enzyme activities in zebrafish.
Journal information: Biomaterials
First author: Deng S
Product Used: BSA/FITC, bs-0292P-FITC
Article title: A photothermal-triggered nitric oxide nanogenerator combined with siRNA for precise therapy of osteoarthritis by suppressing macrophage inflammation.
Journal information: Nanoscale
First author: Chen X
Product Used: Goat Anti-rabbit IgG/FITC, bs-0295G-FITC
Product Used: anti-TNF-α, bs-10802R
Product Used: anti-Notch-1, bs-1335R
Product Used: anti-IL-Iβ, bs-20449R
Product Used: anti-IL-6, bs-6309R
Article title: A role for polycystin-1 and polycystin-2 in neural progenitor cell differentiation.
Journal information: Cell Mol Life Sci
First author: Winokurow N
Product Used: anti-PC1, bs-2157R
Article title: Osteoblasts are “educated” by crosstalk with metastatic breast cancer cells in the bone tumor microenvironment.
Journal information: Breast Cancer Res
First author: Kolb AD
Product Used: anti-FOXN1, bs-6970R
Article title: Cardiac Lymphatic Dysfunction Causes Drug-Eluting Stent-Induced Coronary Hyperconstricting Responses in Pigs In Vivo.
Journal information: Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol
First author: Amamizu H
Product Used: mouse IgG, bs-0296P
Article title: Hematopoietic stem cells and lineage cells undergo dynamic alterations under microgravity and recovery conditions.
Journal information: FASEB J
First author: Cao D
Product Used: antialkaline
phosphatase, bs-1535R
Article title: Diallyl disulfide alleviates inflammatory osteolysis by suppressing osteoclastogenesis via NF-κB-NFATc1 signal pathway.
Journal information: FASEB J
First author: Yang J
Product Used: Mouse TNF-a ELISA Kit, bsk12002
Product Used: Mouse IL-6 ELISA Kit, bsk12004
Product Used: Mouse IL-1b ELISA Kit, bsk12015
Article title: ErbB3 Ligand Heregulin1 Is a Major Mitogenic Factor for Uncontrolled Lung Cancer Cell Proliferation.
Journal information: Neoplasia
First author: Ma S
Product Used: anti-Epigen, bs-5767R
Product Used: anti-Betacellulin, bs-12864R
Article title: Analysis of the characteristics and expression profiles of coding and noncoding RNAs of human dental pulp stem cells in hypoxic conditions.
Journal information: Stem Cell Res Ther
First author: Shi R
Product Used: Anti-dentin sialophosphoprotein (DSPP), bs-10316R
Product Used: anti-bone sialoprotein (BSP), bs-2668R
Article title: Exosome secreted from adipose-derived stem cells attenuates diabetic nephropathy by promoting autophagy flux and inhibiting apoptosis in podocyte.
Journal information: Stem Cell Res Ther
First author: Jin J
Product Used: anti-CD90, bs-0778R
Product Used: anti-CD9, bs-2489R
Product Used: anti-CD45, bs-0522R
Product Used: anti-CD44, bs-4916R
Product Used: anti-CD34, bs-0646R
Article title: Transplantation of oral mucosal epithelial cells seeded on decellularized and lyophilized amniotic membrane for the regeneration of injured endometrium.
Journal information: Stem Cell Res Ther
First author: Chen X
Product Used: anti-CD34, bs-0646R
Article title: Klotho recovery by genistein via promoter histone acetylation and DNA demethylation mitigates renal fibrosis in mice.
Journal information: J Mol Med (Berl)
First author: Li Y
Product Used: anti-collagen-I, bs-0578R
Article title: Evaluation of a hybrid small caliber vascular graft in rabbit model.
Journal information: J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg
First author: Fang Q
Product Used: anti-β-tubulin, bs-4511R
Article title: The hepatoprotective effect of polysaccharides from Pleurotus ostreatus on carbon tetrachloride-induced acute liver injury rats.
Journal information: Int J Biol Macromol
First author: Zhu B
Product Used: Rabbit IgG, bs-0295P
Product Used: anti-Cyt C, bs-0013R
Product Used: anti-caspase-9, bs-0049R
Product Used: anti-caspase-3, bs-0081R
Product Used: anti-Bcl-2, bs-0032R
Product Used: anti-Bax, bs-0127R
Product Used: anti-AIF, bs-0037R
Article title: Inonotus obliquus polysaccharides protect against Alzheimer's disease by regulating Nrf2 signaling and exerting antioxidative and antiapoptotic effects.
Journal information: Int J Biol Macromol
First author: Han Y
Product Used: Anti-SOD-1, bs-10216R
Product Used: Anti-GCLC, bs-23394R
Article title: Targeted lipid nanoemulsions encapsulating epigenetic drugs exhibit selective cytotoxicity on CDH1-/FOXM1+ triple negative breast cancer cells.
Journal information: Mol Pharm
First author: Kim B
Product Used: anti-G2A/FITC, bs-13508R-FITC
Product Used: anti-EDG2/FITC, bs-2880R-FITC
Article title: Fine particles cause the abnormality of cardiac ATP levels via PPARɑ-mediated utilization of fattyacid and glucose using in vivo and in vitro models.
Journal information: Environ Pollut
First author: Jin X
Product Used: anti-PPARα, bs-23398R
Article title: Vitamin D3 mediated regulation of steroidogenesis mitigates testicular activity in an aged rat model.
Journal information: J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol
First author: Jeremy M
Product Used: anti-Vitamin D receptor, bs-2987R
Product Used: anti-P450Scc(CYP11A1), bs-3608R
Article title: Tissue kallikrein (KLK1) regulates alveolar macrophage apoptosis early in influenza virus infection.
Journal information: Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol
First author: Magnen M
Product Used: anti-KLK1/FITC, bs-1963R-FITC
Article title: Ginsenoside Rg3 and Korean red ginseng extract epigenetically regulate the tumor-related long noncoding RNAs RFX3-AS1 and STXBP5-AS1.
Journal information: Journal of Ginseng Research
First author: Ham J
Product Used: anti-SLC1A1, bs-1752R
Article title: Equine Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Release Extracellular Vesicles Enclosing Different Subsets of Small RNAs.
Journal information: Stem Cells Int
First author: Capomaccio S
Product Used: anti-flotillin1, bs-7798R
Article title: Inhibition of Caspase-1-dependent pyroptosis attenuates copper-induced apoptosis in chicken hepatocytes.
Journal information: Ecotoxicol Environ Saf
First author: Liao J
Product Used: anti-GAPDH, bs-2188R
Product Used: anti-Caspase-3, bs-0081R
Product Used: anti-Caspase-1, bs-0169R
Article title: Comparing the effects of diethylhexyl phthalate and dibutyl phthalate exposure on hypertension in mice.
Journal information: Ecotoxicol Environ Saf
First author: Xie X
Product Used: Anti-ACE, bs-0439R
Article title: Alveolar macrophage reaction to PM2. 5 of hazy day in vitro: Evaluation methods and mitochondrial screening to determine mechanisms of biological effect.
Journal information: Ecotoxicol Environ Saf
First author: Wei H
Product Used: BCA protein assay kit, C05-02001
Article title: Detection of Aflatoxin adducts as potential markers and the role of curcumin in alleviating AFB1-induced liver damage in chickens.
Journal information: Ecotoxicol Environ Saf
First author: Li S
Product Used: Goat Anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: Melatonin enhances TNF-α-mediated cervical cancer HeLa cells death via suppressing CaMKII/Parkin/mitophagy axis.
Journal information: Cancer Cell Int
First author: Zhao Q
Product Used: PBS, C01-01001
Product Used: Goat Anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Product Used: Goat Anti-mouse IgG/HRP, bs-0296G-HRP
Article title: Role of the novel gene BZW2 in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma.
Journal information: J Cell Physiol
First author: Jin X
Product Used: anti-BZW2, bs-8726R
Article title: Trimetazidine Attenuates Exhaustive Exercise-Induced Myocardial Injury in Rats via Regulation of the Nrf2/NF-κB Signaling Pathway.
Journal information: Front Pharmacol
First author: Zhang H
Product Used: anti-GAPDH, bs-2188R
Article title: Role of DNA hypomethylation in lateral habenular nucleus is involved in the development of depressive-like behavior in rats.
Journal information: J Affect Disord
First author: Shen XF
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: Addressing the Compartmentalization of Specific Integrin Heterodimers in Mouse Sperm.
Journal information: Int J Mol Sci
First author: Frolikova M
Product Used: Anti-β4 integrin, bs-4115R
Article title: Platelet-Rich Fibrin Extract: A Promising Fetal Bovine Serum Alternative in Explant Cultures of Human Periosteal Sheets for Regenerative Therapy.
Journal information: Int J Mol Sci
First author: Kawase T
Product Used: anti-collagen I, bs-0578R
Article title: Methamphetamine produces cardiac damage and apoptosis by decreasing melusin.
Journal information: Toxicol Appl Pharmacol
First author: Sun X
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: Anthocyanins from Lycium ruthenicum Murr. ameliorated D-galactose-induced memory impairment, oxidative stress, and neuroinflammation in adult rats.
Journal information: J Agric Food Chem
First author: Chen S
Product Used: Anti-IL-1β, bs-0812R
Product Used: anti-caspase-3, bs-0081R
Product Used: anti-Bcl-2, bs-0032R
Product Used: anti-Bax, bs-0127R
Article title: Small molecule IVQ, as a prodrug of gluconeogenesis inhibitor QVO, efficiently ameliorates glucose homeostasis in type 2 diabetic mice.
Journal information: Acta Pharmacol Sin
First author: Zhou TT
Product Used: anti-phospho-TORC2 (Ser171), bs-3415R
Article title: Resistin up-regulates LPL expression through the PPARγ-dependent PI3K/AKT signaling pathway impacting lipid accumulation in RAW264. 7 macrophages.
Journal information: Cytokine
First author: Li B
Product Used: anti-p-PPARγ, bs-4888R
Product Used: anti-pPI3K, bs-6417R
Product Used: anti-PPARγ, bs-0530R
Product Used: anti-PI3K, bs-10657R
Product Used: anti-p-AKT, bs-5194R
Product Used: anti-LPL, bs-1973R
Product Used: anti-AKT, bs-0115R
Article title: Copper-nanoparticle-embedded hydrogel for killing bacteria and promoting wound healing with photothermal therapy.
Journal information: J Mater Chem B,
First author: Tao B
Product Used: Anti-CD31, bs-0468R
Article title: Avenanthramide A induces cellular senescence via miR-129-3p/Pirh2/p53 signaling pathway to suppress colon cancer growth.
Journal information: Agric Food Chem
First author: Fu R
Product Used: anti-Ki67, bs-23102R
Product Used: Anti-COP1, bs-13925R
Article title: MFAP5 promotes basal-like breast cancer progression by activating the EMT program.
Journal information: Cell Biosci
First author: Wu Y
Product Used: Goat Anti-rabbit IgG/
Product Used: anti-vimentin, bs-8533R
Product Used: anti-Type I Collagen, bs-0578R
Product Used: anti-N-cadherin, bs-1172R
Product Used: anti-E cadherin, bs-1519R
Article title: Beneficial Effects of Potentilla discolor Bunge Water Extract on Inflammatory Cytokines Release and Gut Microbiota in High-Fat Diet and Streptozotocin-Induced Type 2 Diabetic Mice.
Journal information: Nutrients
First author: Han L
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Product Used: Anti-ZO-1, bs-1329R
Product Used: anti-TLR4, bs-1021R
Product Used: anti-Occludin, bs-10011R
Product Used: Anti-NFKB p65, bs-0465R
Product Used: anti-Claudin3, bs-2788R
Article title: Potential tumor‑suppressive role of microRNA‑99a‑3p in sunitinib‑resistant renal cell carcinoma cells through the regulation of RRM2.
Journal information: Int J Oncol
First author: Osako Y
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: MiR-1a-3p mitigates isoproterenol-induced heart failure by enhancing the expression of mitochondrial ND1 and COX1.
Journal information: Exp Cell Res
First author: He R
Product Used: anti-COX1, bs-3953R
Article title: Influence of the Maillard-type caseinate glycation with lactose on the intestinal barrier activity of the caseinate digest in IEC-6 cells.
Journal information: Food Funct
First author: Shi J
Product Used: Goat Anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Product Used: Goat Anti-rabbit IgG/Biotin, bs-0295G-BIOTIN
Article title: Dietary L-Tryptophan alleviated LPS-induced intestinal barrier injury by regulating tight junctions in Caco-2 cell monolayer model.
Journal information: Food Funct
First author: Chen M
Product Used: anti-ZO-1, bs-1329R
Product Used: anti-Occludin, bs-10011R
Product Used: anti-Claudin-1, bs-1428R
Article title: β2-microglobulin has a different regulatory molecular mechanism between ER+ and ER- breast cancer with HER2.
Journal information: BMC Cancer
First author: Chai D
Product Used: anti-VEGF, bs-1665R
Product Used: anti-SGK1, bs-4904R
Product Used: anti-phospho-SGK1 (Thr256) (p-SGK1), bs-3397R
Product Used: anti-HIF-1α, bs-0737R
Product Used: anti-Bcl-2, bs-0032R
Article title: Bioinformatic exploration of OLFML2B overexpression in gastric cancer base on multiple analyzing tools.
Journal information: BMC Cancer
First author: Liu J
Product Used: anti-OLFML2B, bs-19640R
Article title: Utilizing VEGF165b mutant as an effective immunization adjunct to augment antitumor immune response.
Journal information: Vaccine
First author: Zhang H
Product Used: anti-CD8, bs-0648R
Article title: The Down-Regulation of SUZ12 Accelerates the Migration and Invasion of Liver Cancer Cells via Activating ERK1/2 Pathway.
Journal information: J Cancer
First author: Xue C
Product Used: Goat serum, C-0005
Article title: Self-powered electrochromic sensing for visual determination of PSA in serum using PB as an indicator.
Journal information: Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 839 (
First author: Lei Q
Product Used: α-fetoprotein (AFP), bs-4821P
Product Used: anti-Cytokeratin 19 fragment antigen
21–1 (CYFRA21-1), bs-15590P
Product Used: Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), bs-0060P
Article title: Periostin contributes to renal and cardiac dysfunction in rats with chronic kidney disease: reduction of PPARα.
Journal information: Biochimie
First author: Bian X
Product Used: anti-PPARα, Bs-23398R
Product Used: anti-NLRP3, Bs-23723R
Product Used: anti-IL-1b, Bs-0812R
Product Used: anti-IL-18, Bs-0529R
Product Used: anti-Collagen I, Bs-7158R
Product Used: anti-cleaved caspase 1 p20, Bs-10743R
Product Used: anti-apoptosis-associated speck-like protein containing
a caspase recruitment domain (ASC), Bs-6741R
Article title: Modulation of intestinal epithelial permeability and mucin mRNA (MUC2, MUC5AC, and MUC5B) expression and protein secretion in Caco-2/HT29-MTX co-cultures exposed to aflatoxin M1, ochratoxin A, and zearalenone individually or collectively.
Journal information: Toxicol Lett
First author: Wu C
Product Used: Mouse anti-rabbit IgG/AF488, bs-0295M-A488
Product Used: Goat anti-rabbit IgG, bs-0295G
Article title: Dendritic cells modified with Der p1 antigen as a therapeutic potential for allergic rhinitis in a murine model via regulatory effects on IL-4, IL-10 and IL-13.
Journal information: Int Immunopharmacol
First author: Yu S
Product Used: Goat anti-rabbit IgG/Cy3, bs-0295G-Cy3
Product Used: Goat Anti-rabbit IgG/AF488, bs-0295G-A488
Product Used: anti-CD86, bs-1035R
Product Used: anti-CD80, bs-2211R
Article title: Immunosuppressive effect of artemisinin and hydroxychloroquine combination therapy on IgA nephropathy via regulating the differentiation of CD4+ T cell subsets in rats.
Journal information: Int Immunopharmacol
First author: Bai L
Product Used: anti-Complement 3(C3), bs-2934R
Article title: Berberine suppresses mast cell-mediated allergic responses via regulating FcɛRI-mediated and MAPK signaling.
Journal information: Int Immunopharmacol
First author: Fu S
Product Used: Anti-Syk, bs-0685R
Product Used: anti-phospho-Syk, bs-3434R
Product Used: anti-phospho-P38, bs-0636R
Product Used: anti-phospho-Lyn, bs-3256R
Product Used: anti-phospho-JNK, bs-1640R
Product Used: anti-phospho-Gab2, bs-3177R
Product Used: anti-phospho-ERK, bs-3016R
Product Used: anti-P38, bs-0637R
Product Used: anti-Lyn, bs-2906R
Product Used: anti-JNK, bs-2592R
Product Used: Anti-Gab2, bs-2885R
Product Used: anti-ERK, bs-0022R
Article title: The protective effect of oleanolic acid on NMDA-induced MLE-12 cells apoptosis and lung injury in mice by activating SIRT1 and reducing NF-κB acetylation.
Journal information: Int Immunopharmacol
First author: Peng XP
Product Used: anti-Nrf2, bs-1074R
Product Used: anti-NLRP3, bs-10021R
Article title: VIP activates primordial follicles of rat through ERK-mTOR pathway during in tissue culture.
Journal information: Reproduction
First author: Li S
Product Used: 10% normal goat serum, C01-03001
Article title: SXBX pill suppresses homocysteine-induced vascular smooth muscle cells dedifferentiation by inhibiting NLRP3 inflammasomes activation via ERK/p38 MAPK pathways.
Journal information: Am J Transl Res
First author: Liu LB
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bsm-33036M
Article title: Amniotic cells share clusters of differentiation of fibroblasts and keratinocytes, influencing their ability to proliferate and aid in wound healing while impairing their angiogenesis capability.
Journal information: Eur J Pharmacol
First author: Kitala D
Product Used: anti-HLA-DR/AF350, bs-1198R
Product Used: Alexa Fluor 350, D-9701
Article title: Deoxypodophyllotoxin inhibits cell viability and invasion by blocking the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway in human glioblastoma cells.
Journal information: Oncol Rep
First author: Wang W
Product Used: Anti-PI3KCA, bs-2067R
Article title: Protective effects of CXCR3/HO‑1 gene‑modified BMMSCs on damaged intestinal epithelial cells: Role of the p38‑MAPK signaling pathway.
Journal information: Int J Mol Med
First author: Yin M
Product Used: anti-p-MEF2C, bs-5479R
Product Used: anti-phosphorylated (p)‑C/EBP homologous
protein-10 (p‑CHOP10), bs-5177R
Product Used: anti-CXCR3, bs-2209R
Article title: Ginsenoside Rg1 decreases Aβ(1-42) level by upregulating PPARγ and IDE expression in the hippocampus of a rat model of Alzheimer's disease.
Journal information: PLoS One
First author: Quan Q
Product Used: SP immunohistochemistry kit, SP-0022
Product Used: DAB, C-0010
Article title: Inhibition of sPLA. sub. 2-IIA Prevents LPS-Induced Neuroinflammation by Suppressing ERK1/2-cPLA. sub. 2 [alpha] Pathway in Mice Cerebral Cortex.
Journal information: PLoS One
First author: Xiang Y
Product Used: anti-glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), bs-0199R
Article title: Regeneration of esophagus using a scaffold-free biomimetic structure created with bio-three-dimensional printing.
Journal information: PLoS One
First author: Takeoka Y
Product Used: anti-CD31, bs-0195R
Article title: Endothelial cells are a source of Nestin expression in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.
Journal information: PLoS One
First author: Bhagwani AR
Product Used: anti-vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (VEGFR2), bs-10412R
Product Used: anti-myeloid/hematopoietic markers CD133, bs-0209R
Product Used: anti-EC markers CD144 (VE-cadherin), bs-0878R
Article title: A higher frequency of circulating [IL-22. sup.+][CD4. sup.+] T cells in Chinese patients with newly diagnosed Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
Journal information: PLoS ONE,
First author: Guo H
Product Used: Mayer's hematoxylin, C02-04004
Product Used: Histostain-Plus Kit, SP-0022
Product Used: DAB, C02-04001
Article title: Administration of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Attenuates Aβ1-42-Induced Alzheimer's Disease in Mice by Activating β-Catenin Signaling.
Journal information: BioMed Research International
First author: Chen X
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bsm-33036M
Article title: Tenascin-C is involved in promotion of cancer stemness via the Akt/HIF1ɑ axis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
Journal information: Exp Mol Pathol
First author: Yang Z
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Product Used: anti-TNC, bs-1327R
Product Used: anti-SOX2, bs-0523R
Product Used: anti-Snail, bs-1371R
Product Used: anti-HIF-1α, bs-0737R
Article title: LncRNA FTX inhibits hippocampal neuron apoptosis by regulating miR-21-5p/SOX7 axis in a rat model of temporal lobe epilepsy.
Journal information: Biochem Biophys Res Commun
First author: Li X
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-1571R
Article title: AGEs induce epithelial to mesenchymal transformation of human peritoneal mesothelial cells via upregulation of STAT3.
Journal information: Glycoconj J
First author: Zhang P
Product Used: AGEs (control article) Proteins, bs-1158PC
Product Used: AGEs Proteins, bs-1158P
Article title: Knockdown of tripartite motif 59 (TRIM59) inhibits proliferation in cholangiocarcinoma via the PI3K/AKT/mTOR signalling pathway.
Journal information: Gene
First author: Shen H
Product Used: Goat Anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Article title: Smad Anchor for Receptor Activation and Phospho-Smad3 Were Upregulated in Patients with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.
Journal information: J Mol Neurosci
First author: Zhang W
Product Used: anti-phospho-Smad3, bs-3425R
Article title: DPP-4 inhibition enhanced renal tubular and myocardial GLP-1 receptor expression decreased in CKD with myocardial infarction.
Journal information: BMC Nephrol
First author: Kim SJ
Product Used: Anti-GLP-1R, bs-1559R
Article title: Effects of Bombyx mori nuclear polyhedrosis virus on serpin and antibacterial peptide expression in B. mori.
Journal information: Microb Pathog
First author: Dong WT
Product Used: Goat Anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Product Used: anti-serine protease persephone, SV1000
Product Used: anti-necrotic, SV1000
Product Used: anti-cercropin-D, SV1000
Product Used: Anti-Bmserpin-5, SV1000
Article title: Aldosterone stimulation mediates cardiac metabolism remodeling via Sirt1/AMPK signaling in canine model.
Journal information: Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol
First author: Liu GZ
Product Used: anti-Sirt1, bs-2257R
Product Used: anti-phospho-Ser47 Sirt1, bs-3393R
Product Used: anti-phospho-GSK3Beta (Tyr216), bs-4079R
Product Used: Anti-Phospho-Glycogen synthase1 (Ser645), bs-13446R
Product Used: anti-phosphoAMPK
alpha-1 (Thr183), bs-5551R
Product Used: anti-GSK-3beta, bs-0023R
Product Used: anti-CD163, bs-2527R
Product Used: anti-CD14, bs-1192R
Article title: HMGB1 mediated autophagy protects glioblastoma cells from carbon-ion beam irradiation injury.
Journal information: Acta Astronautica
First author: Lei R
Product Used: Donkey anti-goat IgG/Cy5, bs-0294D-
Article title: Reliability and reproducibility of a rodent model of choroidal neovascularization based on the subretinal injection of polyethylene glycol.
Journal information: Mol Vis
First author: Fernandez-Bueno I
Product Used: anti-VEGF, bs-0279R
Article title: IL-10 and CXCL2 in trigeminal ganglia in neuropathic pain.
Journal information: Neurosci Lett
First author: Iwasa T
Product Used: anti-glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), bs-0199R
Article title: Sarcoid-Like Granulomatous Disease: Pathologic Case Series in World Trade Center DustExposed Rescue and Recovery Workers.
Journal information: Int J Environ Res Public Health
First author: Sunil VR
Product Used: anti-ADP-ribosylation factor-like GTPase (ARL)11, bs-5987R
Article title: Integrin-α5 promoted the progression of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma and modulated PI3K/AKT Signaling Pathway.
Journal information: Arch Oral Biol
First author: Fan QC
Product Used: anti-p-PI3K, bs-5570R
Article title: Vitamin K2 stimulates Mc3T3‑E1 osteoblast differentiation and mineralization through autophagy induction.
Journal information: Mol Med Rep
First author: Li W
Product Used: Goat anti-rabbit IgG, bs-0295G
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: Cardiac Sympathetic Afferent Denervation Protects Against Ventricular Arrhythmias by Modulating Cardiac Sympathetic Nerve Activity During Acute Myocardial Infarction.
Journal information: Med Sci Monit
First author: Zhou M
Product Used: anti-NGF, bs-10806R
Article title: Histomorphological Comparisons and Expression Patterns of BOLL Gene in Sheep Testes at Different Development Stages.
Journal information: Animals (Basel)
First author: Li T
Product Used: Histostain™-Plus kit, SP-0022
Product Used: Goat anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Product Used: DAB, C-0010
Product Used: anti-BOLL, bs-12880R
Product Used: anti-beta-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: Aberrant Expression of CHL1 Gene and Long Non-coding RNA CHL1-AS1, CHL1-AS2 in Ovarian Endometriosis.
Journal information: Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol
First author: Zhang C
Product Used: anti-CHL1, bs-11046R
Article title: Astragaloside IV protects against cisplatin-induced liver and kidney injury via autophagy-mediated inhibition of NLRP3 in rats.
Journal information: The Journal of Toxicological Sciences,
First author: Qu XY
Product Used: anti-NLRP3, bs-10021R
Article title: Morphology of Inner Retina in Rhesus Monkeys of Various Ages: A Comparative Study.
Journal information: J Ophthalmol
First author: Chen J
Product Used: anti-parvalbumin, bs-1299R
Article title: NDRG1 negatively regulates proliferation and Milk bio-synthesis of bovine epithelial cells via the mTOR signaling pathway.
Journal information: Res Vet Sci
First author: Li X
Product Used: anti-AKT, bs-0115R
Article title: Storage solution containing hydrogen improves the preservation effect of osteochondral allograft.
Journal information: Cell Tissue Bank
First author: Han Y
Product Used: anti-collagen type II, bs-0709R
Article title: Knockdown of KDM1B inhibits cell proliferation and induces apoptosis of pancreatic cancer cells.
Journal information: Pathol Res Pract
First author: Wang Y
Product Used: Goat serum, C-0005
Product Used: Goat Anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Article title: Suppression of puerarin on polymethylmethacrylate-induced lesion of peri-implant by inhibiting NF-κB activation in vitro and in vivo.
Journal information: Pathol Res Pract
First author: Yan B
Product Used: anti-P-IκB, bs-2513R
Product Used: Anti-MMP9, bs-4593R
Product Used: anti-IκB, bs-1287R
Article title: miR-29a/b cluster suppresses high glucose-induced endothelial-mesenchymal transition in human retinal microvascular endothelial cells by targeting Notch2.
Journal information: Exp Ther Med
First author: Zhang J
Product Used: Goat serum, C-0005
Article title: Protective role of phenylethanoid glycosides, Torenoside B and Savatiside A, in Alzheimer's disease.
Journal information: Exp Ther Med
First author: Ji S
Product Used: Aβ25-35 Peptide, Y-0044
Article title: Melatonin receptor depletion suppressed hCG-induced testosterone expression in mouse Leydig cells.
Journal information: Cell Mol Biol Lett
First author: Gao Y
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Journal information: Chemical Research in Chinese Universities,
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Chemical Research in Chinese Universities,
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Article title: Acceleration of Bone Regeneration of Horizontal Bone Defect in Rats Using Collagen‐Binding Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Combined with Collagen Scaffolds.
Journal information: J Periodontol
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Article title: Effect of a Multistrain Probiotic on Cognitive Function and Risk of Falls in Patients With Cirrhosis: A Randomized Trial.
Journal information: Hepatol Commun
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Article title: Early changes in immune, coagulation, and organ function after clinical and experimental polytrauma.
Journal information: -
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Product Used: anti-RAGE/AGER/FITC, bs-0177R-FITC
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