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Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail (2 Tubes, 100X)

CATALOG # C51003
PRODUCT NAME Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail (2 Tubes, 100X)
DESCRIPTION Dynamic protein phosphorylation is a key cellular signaling mechanism whereby a broad spectrum of cellular processes is regulated. Therefore, it is of interesting to study the phosphorylation status of specific target proteins. As crude cell extracts contain a number of endogenous phosphatases, which are capable of dephosphorylating proteins in the extracts, it is critical to add phosphatase inhibitors to the cell lysis buffer to preserve the phosphorylated residues of interest.

A cocktail of five phosphatase inhibitors in Tube A will inhibit acid and alkaline phosphatases as well as protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs). A cocktail of three phosphatase inhibitors in Tube B will inhibit alkaline phosphatases and Ser/Thr protein phosphatases such as PP1 and PP2A. Both cocktails have been optimized and tested for cell lysates and tissue, including samples containing detergents.
STORAGE Store at -20℃ for 12 months
COMPONENTS & PROPERTIES Tube Components Properties

(in ddH2O)
Sodium Fluoride Acid phosphatases inhibitor
Sodium Orthovanadate Inhibitor of Alkaline phosphatases, PTPs, ATPases
Sodium Tartrate Acid phosphatases inhibitor
Sodium Molybdate Inhibitor of Acid and phosphoprotein phosphatases
Imidazole Alkaline phosphatases inhibitor
(in DMSO)
(-)-p-Bromotetramisole oxalate Alkaline phosphatases inhibitor
Cantharidin Ser/Thr phosphatases inhibitor
Microcystin LR (from Microcystis
Inhibitor of PP1 and PP2A
*Compatible with common detergents such as 1% SDS, Triton, and NP-40
*DTT, EDTA, and EGTA may reduce the protective activity of Sodium Orthovanadate
RECOMMENDED USAGE This cocktail kit comprises two ready-to-use 100x concentrated solutions within tube A and tube B. It is suggested to apply both cocktails at the same time to obtain a synergistic effect. Prior to lysing cells, the desired lysis buffer will first mix with an appropriate amount of Tube A cocktail, then mix with the Tube B cocktail to obtain the final 1X working solution (for instance, 10μL of each cocktail will be added into 1ml extraction solution).
NOTE: Mix the solution well after each addition.

Not all lysates contain the same levels of endogenous enzymes, and it may be necessary to adjust the volume of cocktail required.