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Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (EDTA Free, 100X)

PRODUCT NAME Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (EDTA Free, 100X) for use with mammalian cell and tissue extracts
DESCRIPTION Crude cell extracts contain a number of endogenous enzymes, such as proteases and phosphatases, which are capable of degrading proteins in the extracts. The best way to increase the yield of intact proteins is to add inhibitors of those enzymes known to be present.

This protease inhibitor cocktail has been optimized and tested for mammalian cell and tissue extracts. It contains inhibitors with a broad specificity for serine, cysteine, and acid proteases, and aminopeptidases.
STORAGE Store at -20℃ for 12 months.
COMPONENTS & PROPERTIES Components Properties

AEBSF Serine protease inhibitor
Aprotinin Inhibitor of serine proteases and human leukocyte elastase
Bestatin Aminopeptidase inhibitor
E-64 Cysteine protease inhibitor, irreversible
Leupeptin Inhibitor of serine and cysteine proteases
Pepstatin A Inhibitor of acid and aspartic proteases
RECOMMENDED USAGE This cocktail is supplied as a ready-to-use 100x concentrated solution in DMSO. Prior to lysing cells, dilute the cocktail 1:100 in the desired lysis buffer to obtain a 1X working concentration (for instance, 10μL will be added into a 1ml extraction solution). Working solutions containing the protease inhibitor cocktail should be prepared freshly and avoid being frozen for subsequent use.
NOTE: Not all lysates contain the same levels of endogenous enzymes, and it may be necessary to adjust the volume of cocktail required.