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Article title: 15-Lipoxygenase-2/15(S)-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid regulates cell proliferation and metastasis via the STAT3 pathway in lung adenocarcinoma.
Journal information: Prostaglandins Other Lipid Mediat
First author: Yang L
Product Used: anti-15-LOX-2, bs-20026R
Product Used: anti-p-STAT3(Tyr705), bs-1658R
Product Used: anti-p-STAT3(Ser 727), bs-3429R
Product Used: anti-cyclin D, bs-0623R
Product Used: anti-PCNA, bs-0754R
Article title: 4-Amino-2-Trifluoromethyl-Phenyl Retinate induced leukemia cell differentiation by decreasing eIF6.
Journal information: Biochem Biophys Res Commun
First author: Wang K
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: A Self‐Pumping Dressing for Draining Excessive Biofluid around Wounds.
Journal information: Adv Mater
First author: Shi L
Product Used: Anti-CXCL5, bs-2549R
Product Used: SP Kit, SP-0023
Product Used: DAB, C-0010
Article title: Abnormal changes in the quantity and function of osteoblasts cultured in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome.
Journal information: Oncol Lett
First author: Gao S
Product Used: anti-collagen type I, bs-0578R
Article title: Acupuncture through (DU20) to (GB7) mitigates neurological impairment after intracerebral hemorrhage.
Journal information: Neural Regen Res
First author: Liu XY
Product Used: anti-Mincle, bs-8541R
Product Used: anti-Syk, bs-0685R
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: Adenosine Triphosphate Bioluminescence-Based Bacteria Detection Using Targeted Photothermal Lysis by Gold Nanorods.
Journal information: Anal Chem
First author: Kim SU
Product Used: anti-Salmonella, bs-4714R
Article title: Adipocyte-Derived Exosomes Carrying Sonic Hedgehog Mediate M1 Macrophage Polarization-Induced Insulin Resistance via Ptch and PI3K Pathways.
Journal information: Cell Physiol Biochem
First author: Song M
Product Used: anti-Adiponectin-PE, and Shh-FITC, bs-1544R, bs-0471R-PE
Product Used: anti-Shh-FITC, bs-1544R-FITC
Article title: ALOX5AP Overexpression in Adipose Tissue Leads to LXA4 Production and Protection Against Diet-Induced Obesity and Insulin Resistance
Journal information: Diabetes
First author: Elias
Product Used: Anti-FLAP, bs-7556R
Article title: Altered Developmental Expression of the Astrocyte-Secreted Factors Hevin and SPARC in the Fragile X Mouse Model
Journal information: Front Mol Neurosci
First author: Wallingford
Product Used: Anti-SPARCL1, bs-6110R
Article title: Amino acid sequence conservation of the algesic MBP fragment is required for its interaction with CDK5 and function in pain.
Journal information: The FEBS Journal
First author: Chernov AV
Product Used: anti-CDK5, bs-0559R
Article title: Aminooxyacetic acid improves learning and memory in a rat model of chronic alcoholism.
Journal information: Neural Regen Res
First author: Du AL
Product Used: SP Kit, SP-0023
Product Used: anti-MBP, bs-0380R
Article title: AMP-activated protein kinase negatively regulates heat treatment-induced lactate secretion in cultured boar sertoli cells.
Journal information: Theriogenology
First author: Yu CL
Product Used: anti-AMPK, bs-1115R
Product Used: anti-p-AMPK, bs-5575R
Product Used: anti-GLUT3, bs-1207R
Product Used: anti-LDHA, bs-1810R
Product Used: anti-MCT1, bs-1249R
Article title: Argininosuccinic aciduria fosters neuronal nitrosative stress reversed by Asl gene transfer.
Journal information: Nat Commun
First author: Baruteau
Product Used: Anti-nNOS, bs-10197R
Article title: Association of Notch-1, osteopontin and stem-like cells in ENU-glioma malignant process
Journal information: Oncotarget
First author: Bulnes
Product Used: Anti-Notch1, bs-1335R
Article title: ATP metabolizing enzymes ENPP1, 2 and 3 are localized in sensory neurons of rat dorsal root ganglion
Journal information: Eur J Histochem
First author: Nishida
Product Used: Anti-ENPP1, bs-1760R
Article title: Aucubin suppresses Titanium particles‑mediated apoptosis of MC3T3‑E1 cells and facilitates osteogenesis by affecting the BMP2/Smads/RunX2 signaling pathway
Journal information: Mol Med Rep
First author: Zhu
Product Used: Mouse Anti-rat IgG, bs-0293M
Article title: Carp Toll-like receptor 8 (Tlr8): An intracellular Tlr that recruits TIRAP as adaptor and activates AP-1 pathway in immune response.
Journal information: Fish Shellfish Immunol
First author: Shan S
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: CDMP1 overexpression mediates inflammatory cytokine‑induced apoptosis via inhibiting the Wnt/β‑Catenin pathway in rat dorsal root ganglia neurons
Journal information: Int J Mol Med
First author: Jia
Product Used: Mouse Anti-rat IgG, bs-0293M
Article title: Cell Cycle-Dependent Uptake and Cytotoxicity of Arsenic-Based Drugs in Single Leukemia Cells.
Journal information: Anal Chem
First author: Zhou Y
Product Used: anti-AQP 9/AF488, bs-2060R-A488
Product Used: rabbit IgG, bs-0295P
Article title: ChIP-seq analysis reveals alteration of H3K4 trimethylation occupancy in cancer-related genes by cold atmospheric plasma.
Journal information: Free Radic Biol Med
First author: Lee S
Product Used: anti-actin, bs-0061R
Product Used: anti-H3, bs-0349R
Article title: Collapsin Response Mediator Protein-2 Ameliorates Sevoflurane-Mediated Neurocyte Injury by Targeting PI3K-mTOR-S6K Pathway. (2018) Med
Journal information: Med Sci Monit
First author: He
Product Used: Mouse Anti-rat IgG, bs-0293M
Article title: CP-31398 inhibits the progression of cervical cancer through reversing the epithelial mesenchymal transition via the downregulation of PAX2s.
Journal information: J Cell Physiol
First author: Liu L
Product Used: diaminobenzidine, C-0010
Article title: CXCL1 derived from tumor-associated macrophages promotes breast cancer metastasis via activating NF-κB/SOX4 signaling
Journal information: Cell Death Dis
First author: Wang
Product Used: Anti-iNOS, bs-0162R
Article title: Demineralized Bone Scaffolds with Tunable Matrix Stiffness for Efficient Bone Integration.
Journal information: ACS Appl Mater Interfaces
First author: Hu Q
Product Used: anti-osteocalcin, bs-0470R
Product Used: anti-osteopontin, bs-0026R
Article title: Differential Expression of lncRNAs and predicted target genes in normal mouse melanocytes and B16 cells.
Journal information: Experimental Dermatology
First author: Ji K
Product Used: anti-BRCA1, bs-0802R
Product Used: anti-CCNE
(Cyclin E), bs-0573R
Product Used: anti-TGF-β, bs-0103R
Article title: Differential regulation of estrogen in iron metabolism in astrocytes and neurons.
Journal information: J Cell Physiol
First author: Xu M
Product Used: anti-β‐actin, bs-0061R
Article title: Downstream activation of NF-κB in the EDA-A1/EDAR signalling in Sjögren's syndrome and its regulation by the ubiquitin-editing enzyme A20
Journal information: Clin Exp Immunol
First author: Sisto
Product Used: Anti-EDAR/PE, bs-13050R-PE
Product Used: Anti-EDA/PE, bs-12347R-PE
Article title: Effect of CCNB1 silencing on cell cycle, senescence, and apoptosis through the p53 signaling pathway in pancreatic cancer.
Journal information: J Cell Physiol
First author: Zhang H
Product Used: DAB, C-0010
Article title: Effect of two recombinant Trichinella spiralis serine protease inhibitors on TNBS-induced experimental colitis of mice.
Journal information: Clin Exp Immunol
First author: Xu J
Product Used: Mouse IL-4 ELISA kit, bsk12003
Product Used: Mouse IFN-γ ELISA kit, bsk12001
Article title: Effects of ginsenoside Rb1 on oxidative stress injury in rat spinal cords by regulating the eNOS/Nrf2/HO-1 signaling pathway
Journal information: Exp Ther Med
First author: Liu
Product Used: Anti-Phospho-eNOS (Ser632), bs-13074R
Article title: Effects of mulberry leaf on experimental hyperlipidemia rats induced by high-fat diet
Journal information: Exp Ther Med
First author: Huang
Product Used: Anti-ABCG8, bs-10149R
Product Used: Anti-ABCG5, bs-5013R
Article title: Erzhi Formula Extracts Reverse Renal Injury in Diabetic Nephropathy Rats by Protecting the Renal Podocytes.
Journal information: Evid Based Complement Alternat Med
First author: Jiang J
Product Used: anti-CD2AP, bs-0512R
Article title: Esculentoside A suppresses breast cancer stem cell growth through stemness attenuation and apoptosis induction by blocking IL-6/STAT3 signaling pathway.
Journal information: Phytotherapy Research
First author: Liu C
Product Used: anti‐ALDH1A1, bs‐10162R
Product Used: anti‐Sox2, bs‐0523R
Product Used: anti‐Oct4, bs‐0830R
Product Used: anti‐Bcl‐2, bs‐0032R
Product Used: anti‐Bax, bs‐4564R
Product Used: anti‐caspase‐3, bs‐0081R
Product Used: anti‐IL‐6, bs‐4587R
Product Used: anti‐STAT3, bs‐20382R
Product Used: anti‐pSTAT3 (Tyr705), bs‐5526R
Product Used: anti‐pSTAT3 (Ser727), bs‐3429R
Product Used: anti‐β‐actin, bs‐0061R
Article title: Expression and clinical significance of autophagic protein LC3B and EMT markers in gastric cancer
Journal information: Cancer Manag Res
First author: Wang
Product Used: Anti-Vimentin, bs-0756R
Product Used: Anti-LC3B, bs-4843R
Product Used: Anti-E cadherin, bs-1519R
Article title: Expression of insulin-like growth factor 1 and its receptor in preovulatory follicles and in the corpus luteum in the bitch.
Journal information: Gen Comp Endocrinol
First author: Balogh O
Product Used: anti-IGF1, bs-0014R
Product Used: anti-IGF1R, bs-0227R
Article title: Expression of vitamin D receptor in bronchial asthma and its bioinformatics prediction
Journal information: Mol Med Rep
First author: Shan
Product Used: Goat Anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Article title: Extracellular matrix promotes proliferation, migration and adhesion of airway smooth muscle cells in a rat model of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease via upregulation of the PI3K/AKT signaling pathway
Journal information: Mol Med Rep
First author: Wang
Product Used: Anti-TGF beta 1, bs-0086R
Article title: FBXW7 suppresses epithelial-mesenchymal transition and chemo-resistance of non-small-cell lung cancer cells by targeting snai1 for ubiquitin-dependent degradation.
Journal information: Cell Proliferation, 2018 e12473
First author: Xiao G
Product Used: anti-β-actin , bs-0061R
Article title: Fibrosis in metastatic lymph nodes is clinically correlated to poor prognosis in colorectal cancer
Journal information: Oncotarget
First author: Ikuta
Product Used: Anti-Podoplanin, bs-17742R
Article title: Flubendazole and mebendazole impair migration and epithelial to mesenchymal transition in oral cell lines.
Journal information: Chem Biol Interact
First author: Kralova V
Product Used: anti-phospho-GEF H1 (Ser886), bs-2201R
Article title: Flufenamic acid inhibits secondary hemorrhage and BSCB disruption after spinal cord injury.
Journal information: Theranostics
First author: Yao Y
Product Used: anti-MMP-9, bs-0397R
Article title: GALNT3 inhibits NF-κB signaling during influenza A virus infection.
Journal information: Biochem Biophys Res Commun
First author: Wang B
Product Used: anti-GALNT3, bs-16219R
Article title: H19 regulates the proliferation of bovine male germline stem cells via IGF-1 signaling pathway.
Journal information: J Cell Physiol
First author: Lei Q
Product Used: anti-C‐MYC, bs‐4963R
Article title: Heterogeneity of Notch signaling in astrocytes and the effects of GFAP and vimentin deficiency
Journal information: J Neurochem
First author: Lebkuechner
Product Used: Anti-DTSF/HB EGF, bs-3576R
Article title: HGF promotes HTR-8/SVneo cell migration through activation of MAPK/PKA signaling leading to up-regulation of WNT ligands and integrins that target β-catenin.
Journal information: Mol Cell Biochem
First author: Chaudhary P
Product Used: anti-αVβ5 , bs-1356R
Product Used: anti-αVβ3, bs-1310R
Product Used: anti-αVβ1, bs-2016R
Article title: Identification and Multilineage Potential Research of a Novel Type of Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Goose Inguinal Groove.
Journal information: DNA Cell Biol
First author: Ma C
Product Used: anti-CD71, bs-1782R
Product Used: anti-CD90, bs-0778R
Product Used: anti-CD105, bs-0579R
Product Used: anti-CD166, bs-1251R
Product Used: anti-OCT4, bs-0830R
Product Used: anti-collagen type I, bs-0578R
Product Used: anti-collagen type II, bs-0709R
Product Used: anti-insulin, bs-0862R
Article title: Identification of novel loci affecting circulating chromogranins and related peptides
Journal information: Hum Mol Genet
First author: Benyamin
Product Used: Anti-plasma kallikrein B1 heavy chain, bs-5872R
Article title: Identifying Candidate Biomarkers for Pleomorphic Adenoma: A Case-Control Study.
Journal information: Head Neck Pathol
First author: Morrison MD
Product Used: anti-KLK1, bs-1963R
Article title: IFN-stimulated P2Y13 protects mice from viral infection by suppressing the cAMP/EPAC1 signaling pathway.
Journal information: Res Vet Sci
First author: Zhang C
Product Used: anti-EPAC1, bs-8682R
Article title: IL-17A Promotes Initiation and Development of Intestinal Fibrosis Through EMT.
Journal information: Dig Dis Sci
First author: Zhang HJ
Product Used: anti-IL-17A , bs-34085R
Article title: IL-33 facilitates proliferation of colorectal cancer dependent on COX2/PGE2
Journal information: J Exp Clin Cancer Res
First author: Li
Product Used: Rabbit IgG/PE, bs-0295P-PE
Product Used: Anti-ST2, bs-2382R
Article title: Impacts of simultaneous exposure to arsenic (III) and copper (II) on inflammatory response, immune homeostasis, and heat shock response in chicken thymus.
Journal information: Int Immunopharmacol
First author: Liu J
Product Used: anti-iNOS, bs-2072R
Product Used: anti-HSP70, bs-0244R
Product Used: Goat anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Article title: Increased levels of soluble corin in pre-eclampsia and fetal growth restriction
Journal information: Placenta
First author: Miyazaki
Product Used: Anti-Corin, bs-7685R
Article title: Inhibiting tumor necrosis factor-alpha at time of induced intervertebral disc injury limits long-term pain and degeneration in a rat model
Journal information: JOR Spine
First author: Evashwick-Rogler
Product Used: Anti-IL-1 Beta, bs-6319R
Article title: Inhibition of autophagy enhanced cobalt chloride‑induced apoptosis in rat alveolar type II epithelial cells
Journal information: Mol Med Rep
First author: Yu
Product Used: Anti-beta-Actin (Loading Control), bs-0061R
Article title: Inhibition of endogenous hydrogen sulfide production exacerbates the inflammatory response during urine‑derived sepsis‑induced kidney injury.
Journal information: Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine
First author: Qiu H
Product Used: anti-NF-κB, bsm-33117M
Product Used: anti-IL-6, bs-4587M
Product Used: anti-TGF-β1, bsm-33287M
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bsm-33036M
Product Used: Goat Anti-Mouse IgM/HRP, bs-0368G-HRP
Article title: Inhibition of Hepatotoxicity by a LXR Inverse Agonist in a Model of Alcoholic Liver Disease.
Journal information: ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science
First author: Sengupta M
Product Used: anti-IL6, bs-0782R
Article title: Inhibitory effects of extracellular superoxide dismutase on ultraviolet B-induced melanogenesis in murine skin and melanocytes.
Journal information: Life Sci
First author: Kim HY
Product Used: anti-MC1R, bs-1419R
Article title: Interaction of mannose binding lectin and other pattern recognition receptors in human corneal epithelial cells during Aspergillus fumigatus infection.
Journal information: Int Immunopharmacol
First author: Peng X
Product Used: anti-MBL, bs-1582R
Article title: Ischemic damage and early inflammatory infiltration are different in the core and penumbra lesions of rat brain after transient focal cerebral ischemia.
Journal information: J Neuroimmunol
First author: Horváth E
Product Used: anti-iNOS2, bs-0162R
Product Used: anti-Arg1, bs-8585R
Article title: Konjac glucomannan improves hyperuricemia through regulating xanthine oxidase, adenosine deaminase and urate transporters in rats.
Journal information: Journal of Functional Foods
First author: Zhang Y
Product Used: anti-URAT1, bs-10357R
Product Used: anti-urate
transporter (UAT), bs-0604R
Product Used: anti-OAT1, bs-0606R
Product Used: anti-OAT3, bs-0609R
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Product Used: goat anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Article title: Lactosylceramide synthases encoded by B4galt5 and 6 genes are pivotal for neuronal generation and myelin formation in mice
Journal information: PLoS Genet
First author: Yoshihara
Product Used: Anti-beta-Actin (Loading Control), bs-0061R
Article title: Lentivirus-mediated knockdown of FcγRI (CD64) attenuated lupus nephritis via inhibition of NF-κB regulating NLRP3 inflammasome activation in MRL/lpr mice.
Journal information: J Pharmacol Sci
First author: Zhang H
Product Used: anti-MPO, bs-4943R
Product Used: anti-p-NF-kB p65, bs-0982R
Product Used: anti-p-IkB, bs-3232R
Article title: Localization of leucine-rich repeat-containing G-protein-coupled receptor 5- and Ki67-positive periodontal cells expressing runt-related transcription factor 2 during tooth movement.
Journal information: Orthodontic Waves
First author: Hosomichi J
Product Used: anti-LGR5, bs-1117R
Article title: Loss of circadian protein TIMELESS accelerates the progression of cellular senescence.
Journal information: Biochem Biophys Res Commun
First author: Shen X
Product Used: anti-GAPDH, bs-2188R
Article title: LPS-induced reduction of triglyceride synthesis and secretion in dairy cow mammary epithelial cells via decreased SREBP1 expression and activity.
Journal information: J Dairy Res
First author: Wang J
Product Used: β-actin antibody , bs-0061R
Article title: Mechanistic role of transglutaminase-2 in focal adhesions.
Journal information: Sci Rep
First author: Png E
Product Used: anti-paxillin/Biotin, bs-3539R-BIOTIN
Article title: Meloxicam Improves Cognitive Impairment of Diabetic Rats through COX2-PGE2-EPs-cAMP/pPKA Pathway.
Journal information: Mol Pharm
First author: Li H
Product Used: anti-EP3, bs-1876R
Article title: Mesenchymal stem cells and CXC chemokine receptor 4 overexpression improved the therapeutic effect on colitis via mucosa repair
Journal information: Exp Ther Med
First author: Chen
Product Used: Anti-VEGF, bs-0279R
Article title: MicroRNA-204-5p suppresses IL6-mediated inflammatory response and chemokine generation in HK-2 renal tubular epithelial cells by targeting IL6R.
Journal information: Biochem Cell Biol
First author: Li H
Product Used: anti-p-STAT3(Tyr705) , bs-1658R
Article title: MicroRNA-766 promotes cancer progression by targeting NR3C2 in hepatocellular carcinoma.
Journal information: FASEB J
First author: Yang C
Product Used: anti-Ki-67, bs-23103R
Article title: Mimetic peptide AC2-26 of annexin A1 as a potential therapeutic agent to treat COPD.
Journal information: Int Immunopharmacol
First author: Possebon L
Product Used: anti-COX-2 , bs-0732R
Article title: MiR-139 promotes differentiation of bovine skeletal muscle-derived satellite cells by regulating DHFR gene expression.
Journal information: J Cell Physiol
First author: Zhou S
Product Used: Goat ant-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Product Used: Goat Anti-mouse IgG/HRP, bs-0296G-HRP
Article title: miR‑339‑5p negatively regulates loureirin A‑induced hair follicle stem cell differentiation by targeting DLX5
Journal information: Mol Med Rep
First author: Li
Product Used: Anti-CK15, bs-4762R
Article title: Mutation and expression of ABCA12 in keratosis pilaris and nevus comedonicus
Journal information: Mol Med Rep
First author: Liu
Product Used: Anti-ABCA12, bs-11906R
Article title: Myocardial Infarction Produces Sustained Proinflammatory Endothelial Activation in Remote Arteries.
Journal information: J Am Coll Cardiol
First author: Moccetti F
Product Used: anti-VCAM-1 , bs-0396R
Article title: Nasal polyp fibroblasts modulate epithelial characteristics via Wnt signaling.
Journal information: Int Forum Allergy Rhinol
First author: Dobzanski A
Product Used: anti-Wnt3a, bs-1700R
Article title: Neuroprotective Effect of Ginsenoside Rd on Spinal Cord Injury Rats. (2016) Basic
Journal information: Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol
First author: Cong
Product Used: Anti-phospho-p38 MAPK (Tyr323), bs-5477R
Product Used: Anti-phospho-JNK1 + 2 + 3 (Thr183+Tyr185), bs-1640R
Product Used: Anti-phospho-ERK1 + 2 (Thr183/Tyr185), bs-1522R
Product Used: Anti-P38 MAPK, bs-0637R
Product Used: Anti-ERK1 + ERK2, bs-2637R
Article title: Neutrophil priming that turns natural FFA2R agonists into potent activators of the superoxide generating NADPH-oxidase.
Journal information: J Leukoc Biol
First author: Mårtensson J
Product Used: anti-GPR43/PE, bs-13536R
Product Used: rabbit IgG/PE, bs-0295G-PE
Article title: One-step synthesized flower-like materials used for sensitively detecting amyloid precursor protein.
Journal information: Anal Bioanal Chem
First author: Wang C
Product Used: anti-amyloid precursor, bs-0112R
Product Used: anti-amyloid precursor/HRP, bs-0112R-HRP
Article title: PAK5 promotes the migration and invasion of cervical cancer cells by phosphorylating SATB1.
Journal information: Cell Death Differ
First author: Huo FC
Product Used: anti-phospho SATB1 Ser47, bs-3390R
Article title: Pericyte-Specific Ninjurin1 Deletion Attenuates Vessel Maturation and Blood Flow Recovery in Hind Limb Ischemia.
Journal information: Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol
First author: Minoshima A
Product Used: anti-Ninj1 , bs-11105R
Article title: Perinatal exposure to nonylphenol impairs dendritic outgrowth of cerebellar Purkinje cells in progeny.
Journal information: Chemosphere
First author: You M
Product Used: anti-phospho-TrkB
(Tyr705), bs-5526R
Article title: pre-B cell colony enhancing factor negatively regulates Na and fluid transport in lung epithelial cells.
Journal information: Am J Transl Res
First author: Fang Q
Product Used: anti-SP, bs-10265R
Product Used: anti-ENaC, bs-2957R
Product Used: anti-SFTPA1, bs-0770R
Article title: Regulation of 25-hydroxyvitamin D-1-hydroxylase and 24-hydroxylase in keratinocytes by PTH and FGF23.
Journal information: Exp Dermatol
First author: Wu W
Product Used: anti-FGF23, bs-5768R
Article title: Regulatory role of IKKɑ in myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury by the determination of M1 versus M2 polarization of macrophages.
Journal information: J Mol Cell Cardiol
First author: Cao Y
Product Used: Anti-TNF-ɑ, bs-2081R
Product Used: Anti-IL-10 , bs-0698R
Product Used: Goat Anti-Mouse
IgG/HRP , bs-0296G-HRP
Article title: Resveratrol induces apoptosis in SGC-7901 gastric cancer cells
Journal information: Oncol Lett
First author: Wu
Product Used: Anti-Bcl-2, bs-20351R
Product Used: Anti-Bax, bs-0127R
Article title: Reverse the down regulation of miR-92b-3p by hypoxia can suppress the proliferation of pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells by targeting USP28.
Journal information: Biochem Biophys Res Commun
First author: Hao X
Product Used: anti-cyclinA, bs-5739R
Article title: Role of AMPK in the expression of tight junction proteins in heat-treated porcine Sertoli cells.
Journal information: Theriogenology
First author: Yang WR
Product Used: anti-CaMKKB, bs-6253R
Product Used: anti-LKB1, bs-6253R
Product Used: anti-phospho-LKB1(Ser428), bs-3249R
Product Used: anti-beta-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: Role of deltaNp63(pos) CD44v(pos) cells in the development of N-nitroso-tris-chloroethylurea-induced peripheral-type mouse lung squamous cell carcinomas
Journal information: Cancer Sci
First author: Yamano
Product Used: Anti-MSR1, bs-6763R
Article title: Selenium deficiency induces duodenal villi cell apoptosis via an oxidative stress-induced mitochondrial apoptosis pathway and an inflammatory signaling-induced death receptor pathway.
Journal information: Metallomics
First author: Wang J
Product Used: SP kit, SP-0023
Article title: Sensitive photoelectrochemical immunosensor for squamous cell carcinoma antigen based on MoSe2 nanosheets and hollow gold nanospheres.
Journal information: Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2018 275, 199–205
First author: Ye X
Product Used: Neuron Specific Enolase (NSE) , bs-10829P
Article title: Sex Differences in Neuropathology and Cognitive Behavior in APP/PS1/tau Triple-Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease.
Journal information: Neurosci Bull
First author: Yang JT
Product Used: anti-GFAP , bs-0199R
Article title: SOCS3 Suppression Promoted the Recruitment of CD11bGr-1F4/80MHCII Early-Stage Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells and Accelerated Interleukin-6-Related Tumor Invasion Affecting Myeloid Differentiation in Breast Cancer.
Journal information: Front Immunol
First author: Zhang W
Product Used: Goat anti-Rabbit IgG/PE-CY7, bs-0295G-PE-Cy7
Article title: Sonodynamic therapy improves anti‑tumor immune effect by increasing the infiltration of CD8+ T cells and altering tumor blood vessels in murine B16F10 melanoma xenograft.
Journal information: Oncol Rep
First author: Peng Y
Product Used: anti-ICAM-1, bs-4617R
Product Used: anti-VCAM-1, bs-0396R
Product Used: anti-E-selectin, bs-1273R
Product Used: anti-CD68, bs-20402R
Product Used: anti-CD4, bs-0647R
Product Used: anti-CD8, bs-0648R
Product Used: anti-CTLA-4, bs-1179R
Product Used: anti-Foxp3, bs-0269R
Product Used: anti-CD80, bs-2211R
Product Used: anti-CD45, bs-0522R
Article title: Soybean Glycinin- and β-Conglycinin-Induced Intestinal Damage in Piglets via the p38/JNK/NF-κB Signaling Pathway.
Journal information: J Agric Food Chem
First author: Peng C
Product Used: rabbit anti-pig IgG/HRP, bs-0309R-HRP
Article title: Sulforaphane protects rabbit corneas against oxidative stress injury in keratoconus through activation of the Nrf-2/HO-1 antioxidant pathway.
Journal information: Int J Mol Med
First author: Liu R
Product Used: anti-Nrf-2, bs-1074R
Article title: Survivin expression and localization in different organs of yaks (Bos grunniens).
Journal information: Gen Comp Endocrinol
First author: Liu J
Product Used: anti-caspase-3, bs-0081R
Product Used: anti-survivin, bs-0615R
Product Used: Goat anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Product Used: DAB, C-0010
Article title: Targeting intestinal epithelial cell-programmed necrosis alleviates tissue injury after intestinal ischemia/reperfusion in rats
Journal information: J Surg Res
First author: Li
Product Used: Anti-3-Nitrotyrosine, bs-8551R
Article title: Teriparatide Treatment Improves Bone Defect Healing Via Anabolic Effects on New Bone Formation and Non-Anabolic Effects on Inhibition of Mast Cells in a Murine Cranial Window Model
Journal information: J Bone Miner Res
First author: Zhang
Product Used: Anti-Mast Cell Chymase/FITC, bs-2353R-FITC
Article title: The Combination of Human Urinary Kallidinogenase and Mild Hypothermia Protects Adult Rats Against Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy-Induced Injury by Promoting Angiogenesis and Regeneration
Journal information: Front Aging Neurosci
First author: Gao
Product Used: Anti-BDKRB1, bs-8675R
Article title: The effects of emodin on insulin resistance in KKAy mice with diabetes mellitus.
Journal information: Phcog Mag
First author: Song B
Product Used: Mouse insulin ELISA Kit, bsk00008
Product Used: Mouse TNF-α ELISA KIT, bsk12002
Product Used: Mouse CRP ELISA KIT, bsk12069
Product Used: anti-PPARγ, bs-0530R
Product Used: anti-GLUT-2, bs-0351R
Product Used: anti-GLUT-4, bs-0384R
Product Used: anti-IRS-1, bs-0173R
Product Used: anti-PI3K, bs-0128R
Product Used: anti-Akt, bs-0115R
Product Used: anti-p-Akt(Ser473), bs-0876R
Product Used: anti-FoXO1, bs-2537R
Article title: The miR-15b-5p/PDK4 axis regulates osteosarcoma proliferation through modulation of the Warburg effect.
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Article title: The neuroprotective effects and probable mechanisms of Ligustilide and its degradative products on intracerebral hemorrhage in mice.
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Product Used: anti-p-NF-κB p65, bs-0982R
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Product Used: anti-CHOP, bs-20669R
Product Used: anti-GRP78, bs-1219R
Product Used: anti-ATF6, bs-1634R
Product Used: anti-PERK, bs-2469R
Product Used: anti-pPERK, bs-3330R
Product Used: anti-IRE-1α, bs-8680R
Product Used: anti-p-IRE-1α, bs-4308R
Article title: Using paracrine effects of Ad-MSCs on keratinocyte cultivation and fabrication of epidermal sheets for improving clinical applications.
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First author: Hassanzadeh H
Product Used: anti-CD105, bs-4609R
Product Used: anti-CD45, bs-0522R
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Product Used: rabbit anti-mouse IgG/HRP, bs-0296R-HRP
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Article title: Vγ9Vδ2 T cells inhibit immature dendritic cell transdifferentiation into osteoclasts through downregulation of RANK, c‑Fos and ATP6V0D2
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Product Used: anti-ERK5, bs-6396R
Product Used: anti-p- ERK5
(Thr218+Tyr220), bs-11553R
Product Used: anti-p-ERK5 (Ser731+Thr733), bs-5486R
Product Used: anti-p-ERK5 (Ser496), bs-5484R
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Product Used: Goat anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Product Used: Goat Anti-mouse
IgG/HRP, bs-0296G-HRP
Article title: ZIC1 acts a tumor suppressor in breast cancer by targeting survivin
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First author: Han
Product Used: Anti-Zic1, bs-11609R