July 2019
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Article title: Modulation of the TPH 1/MAO‐A/5 HT/5 HTR 2A/2B/2C Axis Regulates Biliary Proliferation and Liver Fibrosis During Cholestasis.
Journal information: Hepatology
First author: Kyritsi K
Product Used: anti-5HTR2A, bs-1056R
Product Used: anti-5HTR2B, bs-1892R
Product Used: anti-5HTR2C, bs-2959R
Article title: Selenium-containing ruthenium complex synergizes with natural killer cells to enhance immunotherapy against prostate cancer via activating TRAIL/FasL signaling.
Journal information: Biomaterials
First author: Lai H
Product Used: Human IL-6 ELISA KIT, bsk11007
Product Used: Human IL-12p70 ELISA KIT, bsk11011
Product Used: Human IL-2 ELISA kit, bsk11002
Product Used: Human IL-10 ELISA KIT, bsk11010
Product Used: Human TGF-β ELISA Kit, bsk11021
Product Used: Human IFN-γ ELISA Kit, bsk11013
Article title: A laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy-integrated lateral flow strip (LIBS-LFS) sensor for rapid detection of pathogen.
Journal information: Biosens Bioelectron
First author: Wu J
Product Used: anti-S. aureus, bs-0362R
Article title: Enzyme-powered Janus nanomotors launched from intratumoral depots to address drug delivery barriers.
Journal information: Chemical Engineering Journal
First author: Chen Z
Product Used: goat anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Product Used: DAB, C-0010
Product Used: anti-caspase-3, bs-0081R
Product Used: anti-Ki-67, bs-2130R
Article title: Polypeptide-engineered DNA tetrahedrons for targeting treatment of colorectal cancer via apoptosis and autophagy.
Journal information: J Control Release
First author: Zhang N
Product Used: anti-GAPDH, bs-2188R
Article title: The effect of exposure time and concentration of airborne PM2. 5 on lung injury in mice: A transcriptome analysis.
Journal information: Redox Biol
First author: Wang H
Product Used: Anti-galectin 3, bs-20700R
Product Used: Anti-neutrophil, bs-6982R
Article title: Osteoprotegerin Promotes Liver Steatosis by Targeting the ERK-PPARγ-CD36 Pathway.
Journal information: Diabetes
First author: Zhang C
Product Used: anti-p-PPARγ, bs-4888R
Article title: Substrate Stiffness Directs Diverging Vascular Fates.
Journal information: Acta Biomater
First author: Wong L
Product Used: anti-αvβ3, bs-1310R
Product Used: anti-αvβ1, bs-2016R
Article title: Highly sensitive and selective electrochemical immunosensors by substrate-enhanced electroless deposition of metal nanoparticles onto three-dimensional Graphene@Ni foams.
Journal information: Science Bulletin
First author: Zhao CR
Product Used: anti-AFP(Ab1), bsm-1621M
Product Used: anti-AFP(Ab2), bsm-1622M
Article title: Fluoride-induced unrestored arrest during haploid period of spermatogenesis via the regulation of DDX25 in rats.
Journal information: Environ Pollut
First author: Han Y
Product Used: goat anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Product Used: goat anti-mouse IgG/HRP, bs-0296G-HRP
Article title: The cardiotoxicity of the common carp (Cyprinus carpio) exposed to environmentally relevant concentrations of arsenic and subsequently relieved by zinc supplementation.
Journal information: Environmental Pollution
First author: Zhao H
Product Used: anti-mTOR, bs-1992R
Product Used: anti-p-mTOR, bs-3494R
Product Used: anti-p-AKT, bs-0876R
Article title: HIF-1α is Overexpressed in Odontogenic Keratocyst Suggesting Activation of HIF-1α and NOTCH1 Signaling Pathways.
Journal information: Cells
First author: Miranda da Costa NM
Product Used: anti-ADAM-12, bs-5847R
Article title: IPO5 promotes the proliferation and tumourigenicity of colorectal cancer cells by mediating RASAL2 nuclear transportation.
Journal information: J Exp Clin Cancer Res
First author: Zhang W
Product Used: anti-IPO5, bs-17075R
Product Used: anti-RASAL2, bs-21160R
Article title: Hyperactive CREB signaling pathway involved in the pathogenesis of polycystic ovarian syndrome revealed by patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cell modeling.
Journal information: Fertil Steril
First author: Huang CC
Product Used: anti-aromatase (CYP11A1)/PE, bs-3608R-PE
Product Used: anti-AMHR2/AF488, bs-12414R-A488
Article title: Long noncoding RNA HAGLR acts as a microRNA-143-5p sponge to regulate epithelial-mesenchymal transition and metastatic potential in esophageal cancer by regulating LAMP3.
Journal information: FASEB J
First author: Yang C
Product Used: DAB, C-0010
Article title: A platform for primary tumor origin identification of circulating tumor cells via antibody cocktail-based in vivo capture and specific aptamer-based multicolor fluorescence imaging strategy.
Journal information: Analytica Chimica Acta
First author: Jia M
Product Used: Anti-EpCAM, bs-1513R
Product Used: anti-EGFR, bs-0165R
Product Used: anti-ER, bs-0174R
Article title: PBI-4050 via GPR40 activation improves adenine-induced kidney injury in mice.
Journal information: Clin Sci (Lond)
First author: Thibodeau JF
Product Used: anti-Megalin/PE, bs-3909R-PE
Article title: RIPK1 inhibitor Cpd-71 attenuates renal dysfunction in cisplatin-treated mice via attenuating necroptosis, inflammation and oxidative stress.
Journal information: Clin Sci (Lond)
First author: Wang JN
Product Used: Anti-Nox4, bs-1091R
Product Used: goat anti-rabbit IgG/rhodamine, bs-0295G-rhodamine
Article title: Atmospheric H2S triggers immune damage by activating the TLR-7/MyD88/NF-κB pathway and NLRP3 inflammasome in broiler thymus.
Journal information: Chemosphere
First author: Hu X
Product Used: Goat anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Product Used: anti-CD4, bs-0647R
Product Used: anti-CD8α, bs-4791R
Article title: Synaptic dopamine release is positively regulated by SNAP-25 that involves in benzo [a] pyrene-induced neurotoxicity.
Journal information: Chemosphere
First author: Yang K
Product Used: anti-DRD 1, bs-1007R
Product Used: anti-DRD 3, bs-1743R
Article title: Hypotonic stress enhances colon cancer cell death induced by platinum derivatives and immunologically improves anti‐tumor efficacy of intraperitoneal chemotherapy.
Journal information: Int J Cancer
First author: Demontoux L
Product Used: anti-CD8, bs-0648R
Article title: Antibiotic-affinity chromatographic test strip for quantitative analysis and antibiotic resistance testing of Staphylococcus aureus.
Journal information: Talanta
First author: Shi Y
Product Used: Porcine IgG, bs-0309P
Article title: A C-reactive protein immunosensor based on platinum nanowire/titania nanotube composite sensitized electrochemiluminescence.
Journal information: Talanta
First author: Rong Z
Product Used: C-reactive protein, bs-0391P
Product Used: anti-C-reactive, bs-0155R
Article title: Oxidized Cell-Free DNA Role in the Antioxidant Defense Mechanisms under Stress.
Journal information: Oxid Med Cell Longev
First author: Filev AD
Product Used: anti-NRF2/FITC, bs-1074R-FITC
Article title: Hepatoprotective Effects of Morchella esculenta against Alcohol-Induced Acute Liver Injury in the C57BL/6 Mouse Related to Nrf-2 and NF-κB Signaling.
Journal information: Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity
First author: Meng B
Product Used: anti-SOD-1, bs-10216R
Article title: Porcine FcγRIIb mediated PRRSV ADE infection through inhibiting IFN-β by cytoplasmic inhibitory signal transduction.
Journal information: Int J Biol Macromol
First author: Wan B
Product Used: anti-p-CD32B, bs-6031R
Product Used: anti-SHIP1, bs-3567R
Product Used: anti-p-SHIP1, bs-3398R
Product Used: anti-TBK1, bs-7497R
Product Used: anti-p-TBK1, bs-3440R
Product Used: anti-Actin, bs-0061R
Product Used: anti-IRF3, bs-2993R
Product Used: anti-p-IRF3, bs-3195R
Product Used: anti-Lamin B, bs-1840R
Product Used: goat anti-mouse IgG/HRP, bs-0296G-HRP
Product Used: goat anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Article title: DGAT2 partially compensates for lipid-induced ER stress in human DGAT1-deficient intestinal stem cells.
Journal information: J Lipid Res
First author: van Rijn JM
Product Used: anti-DGAT2, bs-12998R
Article title: Acetate attenuates inflammasome activation through GPR43-mediated Ca 2+-dependent NLRP3 ubiquitination.
Journal information: Exp Mol Med
First author: Xu M
Product Used: anti-MARCH7, bs-9341R
Article title: Herbal formula Yangyinjiedu induces lung cancer cell apoptosis via activation of early growth response 1.
Journal information: J Cell Mol Med
First author: Yang W
Product Used: anti-KLF11, bs-16096R
Article title: μ Opioid Receptor-Triggered Notch-1 Activation Contributes to Morphine Tolerance: Role of Neuron–Glia Communication.
Journal information: Mol Neurobiol
First author: Sanna MD
Product Used: anti-p-PKCε(Ser729), bs-6948R
Product Used: anti-p-PKCγ(Thr514), bs-3729R
Product Used: anti-p-MOR-1(Ser375 ), bs-3724R
Article title: DLX5 gene regulates the Notch signaling pathway to promote glomerulosclerosis and interstitial fibrosis in uremic rats.
Journal information: J Cell Physiol
First author: Wang XF
Product Used: goat
anti‐rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Product Used: anti-GAPDH, bs‐2188R
Article title: miR‐363‐3p inhibits migration, invasion, and epithelial–mesenchymal transition by targeting NEDD9 and SOX4 in non‐small‐cell lung cancer.
Journal information: J Cell Physiol
First author: Chang J
Product Used: anti-MMP9, bs-0397R
Product Used: anti-MMP2, bs-0412R
Product Used: anti-Twist, bs-2441R
Article title: Brainstem cholinergic pathways diminish cardiovascular and neuroinflammatory actions of endotoxemia in rats: Role of NFκB/α7/α4β2AChRs signaling.
Journal information: Neuropharmacology
First author: Sallam MY
Product Used: Anti-NFKB p65, bs-0465R
Product Used: anti-CHRNA4, bs-1038R
Product Used: anti-CHRNA7, bs-1049R
Article title: Melanogenesis regulatory activity of the ethyl acetate fraction from Arctium lappa L. leaf on α-MSH–induced B16/F10 melanoma cells.
Journal information: Industrial Crops and Products
First author: Lee C. J.
Product Used: anti-Tyrosinase, bs-0819R
Product Used: anti-MITF, bsm-51339M
Article title: ZYZ-803, a novel hydrogen sulfide-nitric oxide conjugated donor, promotes angiogenesis via cross-talk between STAT3 and CaMKII.
Journal information: Acta Pharmacol Sin
First author: Xiong Y
Product Used: anti-cyclin D1, bs-0623R
Article title: Equine immunoglobulin F (ab') 2 fragments protect cats against feline calicivirus infection.
Journal information: Int Immunopharmacol
First author: Cui Z
Product Used: rabbit anti-horse IgG/FITC, bs-0308R-FITC
Article title: Chrysophanol attenuates airway inflammation and remodeling through nuclear factor‐kappa B signaling pathway in asthma.
Journal information: Phytother Res
First author: Song G
Product Used: anti‐p‐p38, bs-0636R
Product Used: anti‐p38, bs-0637R
Product Used: anti‐β‐actin, bs-0061R
Article title: Hypoxia Preconditioned Adipose Derived Endothelial Progenitor Cells Promote Bladder Augmentation.
Journal information: Tissue Eng Part A
First author: Zhao F
Product Used: anti‐ERK 1/2, bs-0022R
Product Used: anti‐CD31/FITC, bs-0468R-FITC
Product Used: anti‐VE cadherin/FITC, bs-0878R-FITC
Product Used: anti‐CD34/PE, bs-0646R-PE
Product Used: anti‐VEGFR2/FITC, bs-10412R-FITC
Product Used: anti‐CD14/PE, bs-1192R-PE
Product Used: anti‐CD155/PE, bs-2525R-PE
Product Used: anti‐CD45/PE, bs-0522R-PE
Article title: ATPR-induced differentiation and G0/G1 phase arrest in acute promyelocytic leukemia by repressing EBP50/NCF1 complex to promote the production of ROS.
Journal information: Toxicol Appl Pharmacol
First author: Feng Y
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Product Used: goat anti-mouse IgG/HRP, bs-0296G-HRP
Product Used: goat anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Article title: Chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA) protects against the LPS-induced impairment of intestinal epithelial barrier function via FXR-MLCK pathway.
Journal information: J Agric Food Chem
First author: Song M
Product Used: Anti-ZO-1, bs-1329R
Article title: β-Conglycinin-induced IPEC-J2 cell damage via the NF-κB/MAPK signaling pathway.
Journal information: J Agric Food Chem
First author: Peng C
Product Used: Goat anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Article title: The interaction of LOXL2 with GATA6 induces VEGFA expression and angiogenesis in cholangiocarcinoma.
Journal information: Int J Oncol
First author: Peng T
Product Used: rabbit IgG, bs-0295P
Product Used: mouse IgG, bs-0296P
Article title: Pyroptosis engagement and bladder urothelial cells derived exosomes recruit mast cells and induce barrier dysfunction of bladder urothelium after UPEC infection.
Journal information: Am J Physiol Cell Physiol
First author: Wu Z
Product Used: anti-IL-1β, bs-20449R
Product Used: anti-IL-18, bs-0529R
Product Used: anti-uroplakin III, bs-13703R
Article title: Pregnancy exposure to carbon black nanoparticles exacerbates bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis in offspring via disrupting LKB1-AMPK-ULK1 axis-mediated autophagy.
Journal information: Toxicology
First author: Zhang LB
Product Used: anti-LKB1, bs-3948R
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: Differential protein expression profiling by iTRAQ‐2D‐LC‐MS/MS of rats treated with oxaliplatin.
Journal information: J Cell Biochem
First author: Sun X
Product Used: anti‐EPX, bs-3881R
Article title: Targeting mitochondria‐associated membranes as a potential therapy against endothelial injury induced by hypoxia.
Journal information: J Cell Biochem
First author: Yang YD
Product Used: Anti‐β‐actin, bsm-33036M
Article title: Long noncoding LINC01551 promotes hepatocellular carcinoma cell proliferation, migration, and invasion by acting as a competing endogenous RNA of microRNA …
Journal information: J Cell Biochem
First author: Gao J
Product Used: Immunohistochemical
detection kit, SP-0022
Product Used: 10% normal goat serum, C01-03001
Product Used: streptavidin/HRP, bs-0437P-HRP
Product Used: DAB, C-0010
Article title: High soluble endoglin levels regulate cholesterol homeostasis and bile acids turnover in the liver of transgenic mice.
Journal information: Life Sci
First author: Dolezelova E
Product Used: anti-Ostβ, bs-2128R
Article title: MicroRNA-99a-5p alleviates atherosclerosis via regulating Homeobox A1.
Journal information: Life Sci
First author: Han Z
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Product Used: anti-GAPDH, bs-0755R
Article title: Tetrandrine and cepharanthine induce apoptosis through caspase cascade regulation, cell cyclearrest, MAPK activation and PI3K/Akt/mTOR signal modification in glucocorticoid resistant human leukemia Jurkat T cells.
Journal information: Chem Biol Interact
First author: Xu W
Product Used: Anti-topoisomerase 1, bsm-51396M
Article title: In-vitro differentiation of early pig spermatogenic cells to haploid germ cells.
Journal information: Mol Hum Reprod
First author: Yu K
Product Used: anti-acrosin, bs-5151R
Article title: Dexmedetomidine ameliorates LPS induced acute lung injury via GSK-3β/STAT3-NF-κB signaling pathway in rats.
Journal information: Int Immunopharmacol
First author: Zhang H
Product Used: Anti-NFKB p65, bs-0465R
Product Used: anti-P-NF-κB, bs-0982R
Article title: The role of infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHNV) proteins in recruiting the ESCRT pathway through three ways in the host cells of fish during IHNV budding.
Journal information: Fish Shellfish Immunol
First author: Chen Y
Product Used: anti-VPS4B, bs-12778R
Product Used: anti-VPS4A, bs-7777R
Product Used: anti-Tsg101, bs-1365R
Article title: Oriented assembly of surface plasmon resonance biosensor through staphylococcal protein A for the chlorpyrifos detection.
Journal information: Anal Bioanal Chem
First author: Li Q
Product Used: SPA, bs-0362P
Article title: Gold-nanorod-enhanced Raman spectroscopy encoded micro-quartz pieces for the multiplex detection of biomolecules.
Journal information: Anal Bioanal Chem
First author: Wang B
Product Used: mouse IgG, bs-0296P
Product Used: rabbit IgG, bs-0295P
Product Used: human IgG, bs-0297P
Article title: An indirect ELISA-inspired dual-channel fluorescent immunoassay based on MPA-capped CdTe/ZnS QDs.
Journal information: Anal Bioanal Chem
First author: Jiao X
Product Used: Goat anti-rabbit IgG, bs-0295G
Article title: Donkey milk oligosaccharides influence growth-related characteristics of intestinal cells and induce growth arrest via G2/M by P38 pathway in HT-29 cell.
Journal information: Food Funct
First author: Wang J
Product Used: Anti-β-Actin, bs-0061R
Article title: A TiO2 mesocrystals triggered signal amplification strategy of photoelectrochemical immunoassay for α-fetoprotein detection based on indirect competitive reaction.
Journal information: Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
First author: Chen YJ
Product Used: AFP, bs-4821P
Product Used: anti-AFP, bs-4821R
Product Used: BSA, bs-0292P
Article title: Luminol-reduced Au nanoparticles-based dual-signal immunochromatographic test strip for pesticide residues.
Journal information: Microchemical Journal
First author: Wang W
Product Used: goat anti-mouse IgG/HRP, bs-0296G-HRP
Article title: Dietary milk fat globule membrane regulates JNK and PI3K/Akt pathway and ameliorates type 2 diabetes in mice induced by a high-fat diet and streptozotocin.
Journal information: Journal of Functional Foods
First author: Yuan Q
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: Verteporfin suppresses the proliferation, epithelial-mesenchymal transition and stemness of head and neck squamous carcinoma cells via inhibiting YAP1.
Journal information: Journal of Cancer
First author: Liu K
Product Used: anti-Oct4, bs-0830R
Article title: Lithium chloride promoted hematoma resolution after intracerebral hemorrhage through GSK-3β-mediated pathways-dependent microglia phagocytosis and M2-phenotype differentiation, angiogenesis and neurogenesis in a rat model.
Journal information: Brain Res Bull
First author: Li R
Product Used: anti-VEGF, bs-1313R
Product Used: anti-BDNF, bs-0248R
Article title: Adenosine Interaction with Adenosine Receptor A2a Promotes Gastric Cancer Metastasis by Enhancing PI3K–AKT–mTOR Signaling.
Journal information: Mol Biol Cell
First author: Shi L
Product Used: anti-A2bR, bs-5900R
Article title: Clinical features of aflatoxin B1-exposed patients with liver cancer and the molecular mechanism of aflatoxin B1 on liver cancer cells.
Journal information: Environ Toxicol Pharmacol
First author: Zhou R
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: TGFβ1 is essential for MSCs-CAFs differentiation and promotes HCT116 cells migration and invasion via JAK/STAT3 signaling.
Journal information: Onco Targets Ther
First author: Tan HX
Product Used: Goat Anti-Mouse IgG/FITC, bs-0296G-FITC
Product Used: anti-α-SMA, bsm-33187M
Product Used: anti-Vimentin, bsm-33170M
Product Used: anti-FSP1, bs-3759R
Article title: Comprehensive evaluation of FKBP10 expression and its prognostic potential in gastric cancer.
Journal information: Oncol Rep
First author: Liang L
Product Used: anti-FKBP10, bs-13175R
Article title: Temporospatial effects of acyl‐ghrelin on activation of astrocytes after ischemic brain injury.
Journal information: J Neuroendocrinol
First author: Dong R
Product Used: anti‐Histone H3, bsm‐33042M
Product Used: Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG/FITC, bs-0294R-FITC
Article title: Inhibiting effect of microRNA-187-3p on osteogenic differentiation of osteoblast precursor cells by suppressing cannabinoid receptor type 2.
Journal information: Differentiation
First author: Xu A
Product Used: anti-CNR2, bs-2377R
Article title: Fraxin Alleviates LPS-Induced ARDS by Downregulating Inflammatory Responses and Oxidative Damages and Reducing Pulmonary Vascular Permeability.
Journal information: Inflammation
First author: Ma X
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Product Used: Goat anti-rabbit IgG/AF594, bs-0295G-A594
Product Used: rabbit anti-Goat IgG/PE, bs-0294R-PE
Article title: Semaphorin 3A gets involved in the establishment of mouse tooth eruptive pathway.
Journal information: J Mol Histol
First author: Yu X
Product Used: anti-plexin A1, bs-2692R
Article title: Transforming growth factor β1 promotes fibroblast-like synoviocytes migration and invasion via TGF-β1/Smad signaling in rheumatoid arthritis.
Journal information: Mol Cell Biochem
First author: Zhu D
Product Used: 10% normal goat serum, C01-03001
Product Used: goat anti-rabbit
IgG/AF488, bs-0295G-A488
Product Used: anti-mouse Kappa light chain/AF488, bs-0295G-BIOTIN
Product Used: goat anti-rabbit
IgG/AF647, bs-0295G-A647
Article title: MiR-26a promotes fracture healing of nonunion rats possibly by targeting SOSTDC1 and further activating Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway.
Journal information: Mol Cell Biochem
First author: Sun L
Product Used: anti-alkaline phosphatase (ALP), bs-6292R
Product Used: anti-osteocalcin, bs-4917R
Product Used: anti-GSK3β, bs-0028R
Product Used: anti-p-GSK3β (Ser9), bs-2066R
Article title: Cdc20 and molecular chaperone CCT2 and CCT5 are required for the Muscovy duck reovirus p10. 8-induced cell cycle arrest and apoptosis.
Journal information: Vet Microbiol
First author: Wang Q
Product Used: anti-Fas, bs-0215R
Product Used: anti-Fas-associated death domain
protein (FADD), bs-0511R
Product Used: anti-cleaved caspase-8, bs-0052R
Product Used: anti-cleaved
caspase-3, bs-0081R
Article title: Effects of lipocalin-2 on brain endothelial adhesion and permeability.
Journal information: PLoS One
First author: Du Y
Product Used: anti-24p3R, bs-0444R
Article title: Lung injury after asphyxia and hemorrhagic shock in newborn piglets: Analysis of structural and inflammatory changes.
Journal information: PLoS One
First author: Weber B
Product Used: anti-Occludin, bs-1495R
Article title: Gas6/Axl signaling attenuates alveolar inflammation in ischemia-reperfusion-induced acute lung injury by up-regulating SOCS3-mediated pathway.
Journal information: PLoS One
First author: Peng CK
Product Used: anti-Axl, bs-5180R
Product Used: anti-phosphorylated-Axl, bs-5181R
Article title: Preoperative vitamin-rich carbohydrate loading alleviates postoperative cognitive dysfunction in aged rats.
Journal information: Behav Brain Res
First author: Zuo Y
Product Used: anti-eIF2a, bs-3613R
Product Used: anti-GRP78, bs-1219R
Article title: Simvastatin alleviates inflammation and oxidative stress in rats with cerebral hemorrhage through Nrf2-ARE signaling pathway.
Journal information: Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci
First author: Zhang CY
Product Used: anti-TLR4, bs-1021R
Article title: Regulating the Warburg effect on metabolic stress and myocardial fibrosis remodeling and atrial intracardiac waveform activity induced by atrial fibrillation.
Journal information: Biochem Biophys Res Commun
First author: Hu HJ
Product Used: anti-PDK-1, bs-3788R
Article title: EZH2 regulates PD-L1 expression via HIF-1α in non-small cell lung cancer cells.
Journal information: Biochem Biophys Res Commun
First author: Zhao Y
Product Used: anti-beta-Actin, bs-0061R
Article title: LncRNA differentiation antagonizing non-protein coding RNA promotes proliferation and invasion through regulating miR-135a/NLRP37 axis in pancreatic cancer.
Journal information: Invest New Drugs
First author: Tang Y
Product Used: anti-Ki67, bs-2130R
Article title: Irisin reverses insulin resistance in C2C12 cells via the p38-MAPK-PGC-1α pathway.
Journal information: Peptides
First author: Ye X
Product Used: anti-GLUT4, bs-0384R
Article title: NLRP3 inflammasome activation is associated with PM2. 5‐induced cardiac functional and pathological injury in mice.
Journal information: Environ Toxicol
First author: Duan S
Product Used: anti-IL‐18, bs-0529R
Article title: Effect of 5-aminolevulinic acid photodynamic therapy on the expression of apoptosis inhibitors Bcl-2 and Survivin in keratinocytes of condyloma acuminatum .
Journal information: Photodiagnosis Photodyn Ther
First author: Yin G
Product Used: anti-Bcl-2, bs-0032R
Article title: Effects of NLRP6 .in Cerebral Ischemia/Reperfusion (I/R) Injury in Rats.
Journal information: J Mol Neurosci
First author: Meng C
Product Used: anti-Nalp6, Bs-6865R
Article title: High Survivin and Low Zinc Finger of the Cerebellum 1 Expression Indicates Poor Prognosis in Triple-negative Breast Carcinoma.
Journal information: J Breast Cancer
First author: Shi CT
Product Used: anti-Survivin, bs-0615R
Product Used: anti-ZIC1, bs-11609R
Article title: Tension induces intervertebral disc degeneration via endoplasmic reticulum stress-mediated autophagy.
Journal information: Biosci Rep
First author: Chen J
Product Used: anti-Caspase-3, bs-0081R
Product Used: anti-LC3, bs-8878R
Product Used: anti-Beclin, bsm-33315M
Article title: Silencing of RAD51AP1 suppresses epithelial–mesenchymal transition and metastasis in non‐small cell lung cancer.
Journal information: Thorac Cancer
First author: Wu Y
Product Used: anti-STAT3, bsm-33223M
Article title: ALKBH5 promotes invasion and metastasis of gastric cancer by decreasing methylation of the lncRNA NEAT1.
Journal information: J Physiol Biochem
First author: Zhang J
Product Used: NEAT1, SV4000
Article title: Digital gene expression analyses of mammary glands from meat ewes naturally infected with clinical mastitis.
Journal information: R Soc open sci
First author: Li T
Product Used: anti-RTN4RL1, bs-20071R
Product Used: anti-TLR2, bs-1019R
Product Used: anti-b-actin, bs-0061R
Product Used: goat anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Product Used: anti-CD19, bs-20782R
Product Used: anti-CD79B, bs-0298R
Article title: Ageratina adenophora causes spleen toxicity by inducing oxidative stress and pyroptosis in mice.
Journal information: Royal Society Open Science
First author: Sun W
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: Downregulation of lncRNA AFAP1-AS1 by oridonin inhibits the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells.
Journal information: Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai)
First author: Lou S
Product Used: Histostain-Plus kits, SP-0022
Article title: Icariin-conditioned serum engineered with hyaluronic acid promote repair of articular cartilage defects in rabbit knees.
Journal information: BMC Complement Altern Med
First author: Zhang J
Product Used: anti-collagenII/HRP, bs-0709R-HRP
Article title: High Expression of Angiopoietin-like Protein 4 in Advanced Colorectal Cancer and its Association with Regulatory T Cells and M2 Macrophages.
Journal information: Pathol Oncol Res
First author: Zhou S
Product Used: Anti-CD163, bs-2527R
Article title: Synergistic effect of tolfenamic acid and glycyrrhizic acid on TPA-induced skin inflammation in mice.
Journal information: MedChemComm
First author: Liu W
Product Used: anti-IL-1β, bs-0812R
Product Used: anti-IL-6, bs-0782R
Product Used: anti-TNF-α, bs-2081R
Product Used: anti-IKKα, bs-2907R
Product Used: Anti-NFKB p65, bs-0465R
Product Used: anti-ERK1/2, bs-2637R
Product Used: anti-p-ERK1/2(Thr202+Tyr204), bs-3016R
Product Used: anti-JNK, bs-2592R
Product Used: anti-p-JNK (Thr183+Tyr185), bs-1640R
Product Used: anti-Akt, bs-0115R
Product Used: anti-p38, bs-0637R
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