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October 2018
Bioss products are being used successfully and published in a wide variety of fieldwork. Click on any of the links below for more information. Publish or Perish, right!?

Article title: A Novel Dnmt3a1 Transcript Inhibits Adipogenesis
Journal information: Front Physiol
First author: Abdalla
Product Used: anti-CDKN1B/p27, bs-0742R
Article title: A Novel Synthesized Sulfonamido-Based Gallate-JEZTC Blocks Cartilage Degradation on Rabbit Model of Osteoarthritis: An in Vitro and in Vivo Study
Journal information: Cell Physiol Biochem
First author: Lu Z
Product Used: Anti-MMP1, bs-0424R
Article title: A study of polyethylene glycol backfilling for enhancing target recognition using QCM-D and DPI
Journal information: Journal of Materials Chemistry B
First author: Du YQ
Product Used: Rabbit IgG/FITC, bs-0295P-FITC
Product Used: Rabbit IgG, bs-0295P
Product Used: Goat anti-rabbit IgG/Alexa Fluor 555, bs-0295G-A555
Product Used: Goat anti Rabbit IgG, bs-0295G
Article title: Ameliorative effect of Rutin on sodium fluoride‐induced hypertension through modulation of Kim‐1/NF‐κB/Nrf2 signaling pathway in rats
Journal information: Environ Toxicol
First author: Oyagbemi AA
Product Used: anti-CTnI, bs-0799R
Product Used: anti‐KIM‐1, bs-2713R
Article title: Ameliorative effects of a fusion protein dual targeting interleukin 17A and tumor necrosis factor α on imiquimod-induced psoriasis in mice
Journal information: Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy
First author: Liu Z
Product Used: anti-caspase 14, bs-6859R
Product Used: anti-Keratin 17, bs-1431R
Article title: Anthocyanin is Involved in the Activation of Pyroptosis in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Journal information: Phytomedicine
First author: Yue E
Product Used: anti-GSDMD, bs-14287R
Article title: Antitumor effects of the silencing of programmed cell death ligand 1 in colorectal cancer via immunoregulation
Journal information: Oncol Rep
First author: Chen Y
Product Used: anti-LAG-3, bs-2646R
Product Used: anti-AKT, bs-0115R
Article title: ASIC1a promotes high glucose and PDGF-induced hepatic stellate cell activation by inducing autophagy through CaMKKβ/ERK signaling pathway
Journal information: Toxicol Lett
First author: Wang Y
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Product Used: anti-Collagen I, bs-0578R
Article title: Autophagy inhibition‐enhanced assembly of the NLRP3 inflammasome is associated with cisplatin‐induced acute injury to the liver and kidneys in rat
Journal information: J Biochem Mol Toxicol
First author: Qu X
Product Used: anti-NLRP3, bs-10021R
Article title: Berberine alleviates endothelial glycocalyx degradation and promotes glycocalyx restoration in LPS-induced ARDS
Journal information: Int Immunopharmacol
First author: Huang L
Product Used: Goat anti-rabbit lgG/AF594, bs-0295G-A594
Product Used: Goat anti-mouse lgG/DyLight 488, bs-0296G-DyLight488
Article title: Characterization of Primary Cilia in Normal Fallopian Tube Epithelium and Serous Tubal Intraepithelial Carcinoma
Journal information: Int J Gynecol Cancer
First author: Abdelhamed
Product Used: anti-Smoothened, bs-2801R
Article title: Competitive method for fluorescent dopamine detection in cerebrospinal fluid based on the peroxidase-like activity of ficin
Journal information: Spectrochim Acta A Mol Biomol Spectrosc
First author: Shi Y
Product Used: Human serum albumin (HSA), bs-0945P
Article title: Co-Upregulation of 14-3-3ζ and P-Akt is Associated with Oncogenesis and Recurrence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Journal information: Cell Physiol Biochem
First author: Tang et
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bsm-33036M
Article title: Decreased H3K9ac level of AT2R mediates the developmental origin of glomerulosclerosis induced by prenatal dexamethasone exposure in male offspring rats
Journal information: Toxicology
First author: Li B
Product Used: anti-AT2R, bs-0438R
Article title: Dendritic cells and Th17/Treg ratio play critical roles in pathogenic process of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Journal information: Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy
First author: Zheng X
Product Used: anti-IL-17 A, bs-1183R
Product Used: anti-FoxP3, bs-10211R
Product Used: Anti-CD80, bs-1479R
Product Used: anti-CCR6, bs-1542R
Article title: Deoxynivalenol induces toxicity and apoptosis in piglet hippocampal nerve cells via the MAPK signaling pathway
Journal information: Toxicon
First author: Wang X
Product Used: Anti-JNK, bs-2592R
Article title: Detection of Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents in urine samples using a capillary Western system
Journal information: Drug Test Anal
First author: Desharnais P
Product Used: Anti-EPO, bs-2343R
Article title: Developing liquid crystal-based immunoassay for melamine detection
Journal information: Research on Chemical Intermediates
First author: Chuang HY
Product Used: anti-melamine/Biotin, bsm-2182M-BIOTIN
Article title: Development of a reverse genetics system for snakehead vesiculovirus (SHVV)
Journal information: Virology
First author: Feng S
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Product Used: anti-EGFP, bs-2194R
Article title: Distal dendritic enrichment of HCN1 channels in hippocampal CA1 is promoted by estrogen, but does not require Reelin
Journal information: eNeuro
First author: Meseke M
Product Used: anti-aromatase, bs-1292R
Article title: Downregulation of NGAL is Required for the Inhibition of Proliferation and the Promotion of Apoptosis of Human Gastric Cancer MGC-803 Cells
Journal information: Cell Physiol Biochem
First author: Han MY
Product Used: DAB, C02-04001
Article title: Effects of insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3 on apoptosis of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma cells
Journal information: Onco Targets Ther
First author: Liu et
Product Used: anti-β-tubulin, bs-4511R
Product Used: anti-IGFBP3, bs-1434R
Product Used: anti-Bcl-2, bs-0032R
Product Used: anti-Bax, bs-0127R
Product Used: anti-active caspase-3, bs-0081R
Article title: Effects of ionizing radiation and HLY78 on the zebrafish embryonic developmental toxicity
Journal information: Toxicology
First author: Si J
Product Used: anti-Bax, bs-0127R
Article title: Ellagic acid ameliorates learning and memory impairment in APP/PS1 transgenic mice via inhibition of β‑amyloid production and tau hyperphosphorylation
First author: Zhong L
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bsm‑33139M
Article title: Enhanced antitumor effect of combination of annexin A1 knockdown and bortezomib treatment in multiple myeloma in vitro and in vivo
Journal information: Biochem Biophys Res Commun
First author: Jia C
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Product Used: anti-BCL2, bs-0032R
Product Used: anti-BAX, bs-0127R
Article title: Excessive localized leukotriene B4 levels dictate poor skin host defense in diabetic mice
Journal information: JCI Insight
First author: Brandt et
Product Used: anti-BLT2-AF647, bs-2655R-A647
Article title: Expression of osteoprotegerin and receptor activator for the nuclear factor-κB ligand in XACB/LV-bFGF/MSCs transplantation for repair of rabbit femoral head defect necrosis
Journal information: J Cell Biochem
First author: Peng W
Product Used: Anti-RANKL/CD254, bs-0747R
Product Used: anti-bFGF, bs-0217R
Product Used: BCA protein assay kit, C05-02001
Article title: Extracorporeal Shock Wave-Supported Adipose-Derived Fresh Stromal Vascular Fraction Preserved Left Ventricular (LV) Function and Inhibited LV Remodeling in Rat
Journal information: Oxid Med Cell Longev
First author: Sung PH
Product Used: anti-CXCR4, bs-20318R
Article title: Functional role of RRS 1 in breast cancer cell proliferation
Journal information: J Cell Mol Med
First author: Song JL
Product Used: anti-β‐actin, bs-0061R
Article title: Germline SDHB and SDHD mutations in pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma patients
Journal information: Endocr Connect
First author: Huang Y
Product Used: anti-SDHD, bs-3971R
Article title: GLUT12 expression and regulation in murine small intestine and human Caco‐2 cells
Journal information: J Cell Physiol
First author: Gil-Iturbe E
Product Used: Anti-GLUT12, bs‐2540R
Article title: hsa-miR-500a-3P alleviates kidney injury by targeting MLKL-mediated necroptosis in renal epithelial cells
Journal information: THE FASEB JOURNAL
First author: Jiang L
Product Used: goat anti-rabbit IgG-rhodamine, bs-0295G-RBITC
Article title: Identification and characterization of an atypical RIG-I encoded by planarian Dugesia japonica and its essential role in the immune response
Journal information: Dev Comp Immunol
First author: Li N
Product Used: anti-His-tag, bs-0287R
Article title: Increased Angiogenic and Adipogenic Differentiation Potentials in Adipose-Derived Stromal Cells from Thigh Subcutaneous Adipose Depots Compared with Cells
Journal information: Aesthet Surg J
First author: Li W
Product Used: Anti-CD31, bs-0468R
Article title: Inhibition Effect of Phytoestrogen Calycosin on TGF-β₁-Induced Hepatic Stellate Cells Activation, Proliferation and Migration via Estrogen Receptor β
Journal information: Can J Physiol Pharmacol
First author: Deng T
Product Used: anti-ColⅠ, bs-5881R
Article title: Inhibition of microRNA-940 suppresses the migration and invasion of human osteosarcoma cells through the secreted frizzled-related protein 1-mediated Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway.(2018) J Cell Biochem
Journal information: J Cell Biochem
First author: Lin ZW
Product Used: Goat Anti-Mouse IgG/HRP, bs-0296G-HRP
Article title: Investigation of the effects of hesperidin and chrysin on renal injury induced by colistin in rats.
Journal information: Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy
First author: Hanedan B
Product Used: anti-cystatin C, bs-3595R
Article title: Linagliptin protects rat carotid artery from balloon injury and activates the NRF2 antioxidant pathway
Journal information: Exp Anim
First author: Si J
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bsm-33036M
Product Used: anti-Histone H3, bs-0349R
Article title: lncRNA Malat1 modulates the maturation process, cytokine secretion and apoptosis in airway epithelial cell-conditioned dendritic cells
Journal information: Exp Ther Med
First author: Li et
Product Used: anti-MHC-II, bs-4107R
Article title: LncRNA NEAT1 promotes inflammatory response and induces corneal neovascularization
Journal information: J Mol Endocrinol
First author: Bai YH
Product Used: Goat Anti-rabbit IgG/HRP/Streptavid, bs-0295G-HRP-Streptavidin
Article title: LncRNA XIST mediates bovine mammary epithelial cell inflammatory response via NF‐κB/NLRP3 inflammasome pathway
Journal information: Cell Prolif
First author: Ma M
Product Used: anti-p-p65, bs-0271R
Product Used: anti-IκB, bs-1287R
Article title: Loganin prevents BV‐2 microglia cells from Aβ1‐42‐induced inflammation via regulating TLR4/TRAF6/NF‐κB axis
Journal information: Cell Biol Int
First author: Cui Y
Product Used: anti-phospho-IRAK4 (Thr345), bs-4080R
Product Used: anti-Histone
H3, bs-0349R
Product Used: anti-IRAK4, bs-2440R
Article title: Long-term arsenite exposure induces testicular toxicity by redox imbalance, G2/M cell arrest and apoptosis in mice
Journal information: Toxicology
First author: Zeng Q
Product Used: Anti-Cyclin B1, bs-0572R
Product Used: anti-cdc2, bs-1341R
Product Used: anti-Bax, bs-0127R
Article title: Loss of hypermethylated in cancer 1 (HIC1) promotes lung cancer progression
Journal information: Cell Signal
First author: Li Y
Product Used: anti-HIC1, bs-15485R
Article title: Macrophage polarization in human gingival tissue in response to periodontal disease
Journal information: Oral Dis
First author: Zhou LN
Product Used: anti-IL-12, bs-1077R
Article title: Methionine Promotes Milk Protein and Fat Synthesis and Cell Proliferation via the SNAT2-PI3K Signaling Pathway in Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cells
Journal information: J Agric Food Chem
First author: Qi H
Product Used: anti-β-casein, bs-0813R
Product Used: anti-phospho-PI3K p110α (Tyr317), bs-5570R
Product Used: anti-PI3K (PI3 kinase p110α), bs-2067R
Article title: Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of th17 mediated diseases.
Journal information: US Patent
First author: LEGEMBRE P
Product Used: anti-IL17, bs-1183R
Article title: MGF E peptide improves anterior cruciate ligament repair by inhibiting hypoxia‐induced cell apoptosis and accelerating angiogenesis
Journal information: J Cell Physiol
First author: Sha Y
Product Used: Anti-CXCR4, bs-1011R
Product Used: anti-CD34, bs-0646R
Product Used: anti-CD31, bs-0468R
Product Used: anti-Ki-67, bs-2130R
Article title: Microglial Mincle receptor in the PVN contributes to sympathetic hyperactivity in acute myocardial infarction rat
Journal information: J Cell Mol Med
First author: Wang Y
Product Used: anti-
Mincle, bs-8541R
Article title: MicroRNA Regulation of the Hyper-Proliferative Phenotype of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells in Diabetes Mellitus
Journal information: Diabetes
First author: Torella D
Product Used: anti-EMP2, bs-6264R
Article title: MicroRNA‐133b suppresses bladder cancer malignancy by targeting TAGLN2‐mediated cell cycle
Journal information: J Cell Physiol
First author: Zhao F
Product Used: Goat Anti-rabbit IgG/AF488, bs-0295G-A488
Article title: Microtubule associated protein 4 phosphorylation leads to pathological cardiac remodeling in mice
Journal information: EBioMedicine
First author: Li L
Product Used: anti-Histone H3, bs-0349R-HRP
Article title: miR-136-5p Regulates the Inflammatory Response by Targeting the IKKβ/NF-κB/A20 Pathway After Spinal Cord
Journal information: Cell Physiol Biochem
First author: Deng G
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: MiR-214 inhibits snakehead vesiculovirus (SHVV) replication by targeting host GS
Journal information: Fish Shellfish Immunol
First author: Zhang C
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: miR-375-3p/YWHAZ/β-catenin axis regulates migration, invasion, EMT in gastric cancer cells
Journal information: Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol
First author: Guo F
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bsm-33036M
Article title: Negative regulation of hepatitis B virus replication by forkhead box protein A in human hepatoma cells
Journal information: FEBS Lett
First author: Okumura et
Product Used: HBsAg, bs-1557G
Article title: Newcastle disease virus V protein inhibits apoptosis in DF-1 cells by downregulating TXNL1
Journal information: Vet Res
First author: Wang C
Product Used: anti-Caspase-3, bs-0081R
Article title: NOTCH1, ADAM12 and HB-EGF are overexpressed in mucoepidermoid carcinoma
Journal information: Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology
First author: Branco DC
Product Used: anti-ADAM-12, bs-4977R
Article title: Nrf2 stabilization prevents critical oxidative damage in Down syndrome cells
Journal information: Aging Cell
First author: Zamponi et
Product Used: Anti-phospho-Nrf2 (Ser40), bs‐2013R
Article title: Probe-free label system for rapid detection of Cronobacter genus in powdered infant formula
Journal information: AMB Express
First author: Fu S
Product Used: Goat anti-mouse IgG, bs-0296G
Article title: Production of Interleukin-20 cytokines limits bacterial clearance and lung inflammation during infection by Streptococcus pneumoniae
Journal information: EBioMedicine
First author: Madouri F
Product Used: anti-IL-20Ra, bs-2619R
Article title: Protease-activated Receptor-2 Signaling through β-Arrestin-2 Mediates Alternaria Alkaline Serine Protease-induced Airway Inflammation
Journal information: Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol
First author: Yee MC
Product Used: Rabbit IgG/Cy5.5, bs-0295P-Cy5.5
Article title: Protective roles of Amanita caesarea polysaccharides against Alzheimer's disease via Nrf2 pathway
Journal information: Int J Biol Macromol
First author: Li ZP
Product Used: anti-phosphor-DRP1, bs-12701R
Product Used: Anti-GCLC, bs-23393R
Article title: Protein-protein interactions reveal key canonical pathways, upstream regulators, interactome domains, and novel targets in ALS
Journal information: Sci Rep
First author: Dervishi I
Product Used: anti-PPAR gamma, bs-4590R
Article title: Pulsed Magnetic Field Stimuli Can Promote Chondrogenic Differentiation of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles-Labeled Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Rats
Journal information: J Biomed Nanotechnol
First author: Chen XY
Product Used: anti-SMAD2/3, bs-3484R
Product Used: Anti-Smad2, bs-0718R
Product Used: anti-p-SMAD2/3, bs-8853R
Product Used: anti-p-SMAD2, bs-3420R
Product Used: anti-Col2a1, bs-0709R
Article title: PURB is a positive regulator of amino acid‐induced milk synthesis in bovine mammary epithelial cells
Journal information: J Cell Physiol
First author: Huo N
Product Used: anti-β-casein, bs-0813R
Article title: Radical polymerization-crosslinking method for improving extracellular matrix stability in bioprosthetic heart valves with reduced potential for calcification and inflammatory response
Journal information: Acta Biomater
First author: Guo G
Product Used: anti-CD68, bs-0649R
Article title: Reduced Terminal Complement Complex Formation in Mice Manifests in Low Bone Mass and Impaired Fracture Healing
Journal information: Am J Pathol
First author: Mödinger Y
Product Used: Anti-CD8, bs-0648R
Article title: Reelin regulates male mouse reproductive capacity via the sertoli cells
Journal information: J Cell Biochem
First author: Zhuang M
Product Used: anti-ETV5, bs‐8952R
Product Used: Anti-CXCR4, bs-1011R
Product Used: anti-Brdu, bsm-0917M
Article title: Resistance of primary breast cancer cells with enhanced pluripotency and stem cell activity to sex hormonal stimulation and suppression
Journal information: Int J Biochem Cell Biol
First author: Nasr M
Product Used: anti-Nanog, bs-10414R
Article title: Ruxolitinib inhibits cyclosporine-induced proliferation of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
Journal information: JCI Insight
First author: Burgo et
Product Used: Anti-IL22R, bs-2624R
Article title: Scavenger receptor-C acts as a receptor for Bacillus thuringiensis vegetative insecticidal protein Vip3Aa and mediates the internalization of Vip3Aa via endocytosis
Journal information: PLoS Pathog
First author: Jiang et
Product Used: anti-GST, bs-2735R
Article title: Seasonal expressions of androgen receptor, P450arom and estrogen receptors in the epididymis of the wild ground squirrel (Citellus dauricus Brandt).
Journal information: General and Comparative Endocrinology
First author: Wang JJ
Product Used: goat serum, C-0005
Product Used: SP Kit (Rabbit), SP-0023
Article title: Seasonal expressions of oxytocin and oxytocin receptor in epididymis of the male muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus)
Journal information: Theriogenology
First author: Liu Q
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bsm-33139M
Article title: Signaling pathways involved in the expression of SZNF and the target genes binding with SZNF related to cyadox
Journal information: Biomed Pharmacother
First author: Cui L
Product Used: anti-Beta-actin, bs-0061R
Article title: Silencing long non-coding RNA Kcnq1ot1 alleviates pyroptosis and fibrosis in diabetic cardiomyopathy
Journal information: Cell Death Dis
First author: Yang F
Product Used: anti-GSDMD-N, bs-14287R
Article title: Silencing of Astrocyte elevated gene-1 (AEG-1) inhibits proliferation, migration and invasion, and promotes apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells
Journal information: Biochem Cell Biol
First author: Yang X
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Product Used: Anti-MMP9, bs-4593R
Product Used: Anti-MMP-2, bs-4599R
Article title: Spatial Memory Disturbance Following Transient Brain Ischemia is Associated with Vascular Remodeling in Hippocampus.
Journal information: Kobe J Med Sci
First author: Hermawati E
Product Used: anti-Bcl2, bs-0032R
Product Used: anti-SOD2, bs-1080R
Article title: Sphingosine kinase 1 promotes the metastasis of colorectal cancer by inducing the epithelial‑mesenchymal transition mediated by the FAK/AKT/MMPs axis.Int. J
Journal information: Int J Oncol
First author: Liu SQ
Product Used: anti-E cadherin, bs-1519R
Article title: Targeting the Wnt-Regulatory Protein CTNNBIP1 by microRNA-214 Enhances the Stemness and Self-Renewal of Cancer Stem-Like Cells in Lung Adenocarcinomas
Journal information: Stem Cells
First author: Qi et
Product Used: anti-lamin-A, bs-1839R
Product Used: anti-CTNNBIP1, bs‐4095R
Product Used: Anti-CD133, bs-4770R
Article title: Tempol relieves lung injury in a rat model of chronic intermittent hypoxia via suppression of inflammation and oxidative stress.
Journal information: Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences
First author: Wang Y
Product Used: anti-GAPDH, bs-2188R
Article title: The effect of shear on the cytoskeleton remodeling and physiological performance of myocardium cells through Tmod1
Journal information: RSC Advances
First author: Zhao L
Product Used: mouse LDH ELISA Kit, bsk00581
Product Used: mouse MDA ELISA kit, bsk00545
Article title: The fifth epidermal growth factor-like region of thrombomodulin exerts cytoprotective function and prevents SOS in a murine model
Journal information: Bone Marrow Transplant
First author: Ikezoe et
Product Used: anti-TM/HRP, bs-0525R-HRP
Article title: The neuroprotective effect of lithium chloride on cognitive impairment through glycogen synthase kinase-3β inhibition in intracerebral hemorrhage rats
Journal information: Eur J Pharmacol
First author: Liu Z
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bsm-33036M
Product Used: anti-phospho-CRMP-2 (Thr514), bs-3068R
Product Used: anti-CRMP-2, bs-1790R
Product Used: anti-NR2B, bs-0222R
Product Used: anti-NF-κB p65, bsm-33059M
Product Used: anti-Bcl-2, bsm-33047M
Product Used: anti-Bax, bsm-33279M
Article title: The neuroprotective effect of lithium chloride on cognitive impairment through glycogen synthase kinase-3β inhibition in intracerebral hemorrhage rats.
Journal information: Eur J Pharmacol
First author: Liu Z
Product Used: Goat Anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Product Used: Goat anti-mouse IgG/HRP, bs-0296G-HRP
Article title: Total flavones of fermentation broth by co-culture of Coprinus comatus and Morchella esculenta induces an anti-inflammatory effect on LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 macrophages cells via the MAPK signaling pathway
Journal information: Microb Pathog
First author: Zhao X
Product Used: anti-β-actin, bs-0061R
Product Used: anti‐p‐p38, bs-0636R
Product Used: Anti-p-JNK, bs-4163R
Product Used: Goat Anti-rabbit IgG/HRP, bs-0295G-HRP
Product Used: anti-COX-2, bs-0732R
Product Used: Anti-JNK, bs-2592R