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WNK4 Polyclonal Antibody, HRP Conjugated


  • WB


  • Mouse

Predicted Reactivity

  • Human
  • Rat
Catalog # bs-0429R-HRP
Product Name WNK4 Polyclonal Antibody, HRP Conjugated
Applications WB, ELISA
Reactivity Mouse
Predicted Reactivity Human, Rat
Conjugation HRP
Host Rabbit
Source KLH conjugated synthetic peptide derived from human WNK4
Immunogen Range 351-450/1243
Clonality Polyclonal
Isotype IgG
Concentration 1ug/ul
Purification Purified by Protein A.
Storage Buffer Aqueous buffered solution containing 0.01M TBS (pH 7.4) with 1% BSA, 0.03% Proclin300 and 50% Glycerol.
Storage Condition Store at -20°C. Aliquot into multiple vials to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Gene ID 65266
Subcellular location Cytoplasm
Synonyms PHA 2B; PHA2B; PRKWNK 4; PRKWNK4; Protein kinase lysine deficient 4; Protein kinase with no lysine 4; Serine/threonine protein kinase WNK4; WNK lysine deficient protein kinase 4; WNK4_HUMAN.
Background Regulates the activity of the thiazide-sensitive Na-Cl cotransporter, SLC12A3, by phosphorylation which appears to prevent membrane trafficking of SLC12A3. Also inhibits the renal K(+)channel, KCNJ1, via a kinase-independent mechanism by which it induces clearance of the protein from the cell surface by clathrin-dependent endocytosis. WNK4 appears to act as a molecular switch that can vary the balance between NaCl reabsorption and K(+)secretion to maintain integrated homeostasis.
Application Dilution
WB 1:300-5000
ELISA 1:500-1000