Cytokeratin 15 (2B11) Monoclonal Antibody


  • WB


  • Human
  • Rat
Catalog # bsm-52055R
Product Name Cytokeratin 15 (2B11) Monoclonal Antibody
Applications WB
Reactivity Human, Rat
Conjugation Unconjugated
Host Rabbit
Source Recombinant human Cytokeratin 15 protein, around C-terminal 100aa.
Clonality Monoclonal
Clone # 2B11
Isotype IgG
Concentration 1ug/ul
Purification Purified by Protein A.
Storage Buffer Aqueous buffered solution containing 1xTBS (pH7.4), 1%BSA, 40%Glycerol and 0.05% Sodium Azide.
Storage Condition Store at -20°C for 12 months..
Gene ID 3866
Swiss Prot P19012
Synonyms Keratin, type I cytoskeletal 15; KRT15
Background The protein is a member of the keratin gene family. The keratins are intermediate filament proteins responsible for the structural integrity of epithelial cells and are subdivided into cytokeratins and hair keratins. Most of the type I cytokeratins consist of acidic proteins which are arranged in pairs of heterotypic keratin chains and are clustered in a region on chromosome 17q21.2.
Application Dilution
WB 1:300-1000